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Emery: “Cavani is very passionate, like Atlético, he would be a magnificent signing”

Unai Emery, who ended his relationship with Arsenal last November, spoke of his future on the bench in the program ‘El Larguero’.

Super Cup in Arabia: “These are modern times for football. For the fan it can be harmful because it is difficult to travel. With this format two very beautiful qualifying rounds are generated “.

Cavani:” It is a competitive animal, a winner and that trains with the highest demands. outside I do not see so difficult that it can come in this winter market. It is very passionate, like Atlético, it would be a magnificent signing. It means staying here in Madrid and going to Valencia and London. Then also visiting my family in San Sebastián “.

The owner of Almería:” I was with him.He likes to listen to football people, he is very excited. I was with Quique Setién, with whom I had never met. It was a very nice talk “.

Praise to the Premier:” The two best teams in the world are Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but the most powerful League is the English one “.

Everton: “He was interested in me. I thought about it. I didn’t get to say no, we had a three-hour conversation. They already loved me when I went to PSG “.

His relationship with the stars:” Neymar came to PSG with the band that Messi had at Barcelona. There are players who are more important, but not more than the team. My personal relationship with Özil was good. ”

Neymar:” You hear a lot that Neymar wants to return to Barcelona and I think Neymar should return to Spain.He is at the ideal moment to be the best player in the world, he has all the conditions “.

LaLiga Santander:” I have interested teams but I have not had any firm offer to return to training. I long to go back to work in Spain but I don’t rule out anything. My heart is realistic, but as they are playing now they don’t need a coach, they already have one “.

Coaching a national team:” It changes the rhythm of the day to day, it has to be nice too ” .

Mbappé, the player with the highest value in the market with 295 million dollars

The CIES football observatory has prepared its annual report on the value of footballers. Kylian Mbappé already appears on the list as the most expensive player on the planet but also, compared to the last study, he is the player who has appreciated the most.

In less than three seasons, the French forward has risen in value by $ 134 million. PSG signed him for 162 kilos from Monaco and according to CIES his current value is 295. The world champion, whose title has undoubtedly contributed to increasing his distance from the second most sepak bola expensive player, Sterling, Del City with 254 million, He is the player most desired by the big clubs.At 21, Mbappé has a contract until 2022 but PSG is destined to sit down to negotiate with the player a renewal of his contract.

On the list of 20 footballers whose value exceeds 100 million euros , dominates the Premier League with eleven representatives. Of the Spanish League there are three, Messi who is eighth with a price of 139 million, Grizmann eighth with 138 and Joao Felix third to last with 111.

Neymar, for his part, does not recover and barely exceeds 111 million despite the fact that PSG paid 247 million for him.Cristiano is not among the 20 most expensive players and his estimated value is 89 million.

Special mention also has the case of Vinícius, whose value has almost doubled and goes from 50 million that it cost Madrid to 94.

Value of the footballers:

Kylian Mbappé (Paris SG) 295 million dollars

Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) 254 million dollars

Mohammed Salah (Liverpool) $ 195 million

Jadon Sancho (Borussia Dortmund) $ 188 million

Sadio Mané (Liverpool) $ 173 million

Harry Kane (Tottenham) 168 million dollars

Marcus Rashford (Manchester United) 149 million dollars

Lionel Messi (Barcelone) 139 million dollars

Antoine Griezmann (Barcelone) 138 million dollars

Lautaro Martinez (Inter Milan) 128 million dollars

Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City) 128 million dollars

James Maddison (Leicester City) $ 125 million

Timo Werner (RB Lei pzig) $ 125 million

Roberto Firmino (Liverpool) $ 124 million

Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool) $ 123 million

Richarlison de Andrade (Everton) 116 million dollars

Tammy Abraham (Chelsea) 115 million dollars

Joao Felix (Atlético Madrid) 111 million dollars

Neymar (Paris SG) 111 million dollars

Romelo Lukaku (Inter Milan) 111 million dollars

Luis Fernando Tena: “The players who were in the previous tournament have an advantage”

Luis Fernando Tena is clear who will start this weekend against Juárez, however, he did not anticipate an alignment as such, but he did make it clear that those who finished the tournament have an advantage over those who came to reinforce the squad.

With great confidence, the Chivas strategist has stated that he feels very satisfied with the squad he has and even put it as one of the best he has been able to direct.

At a press conference El Flaco Tena expressed that he hopes his team plays football well and explained that his first task is to start with the right foot at home.

We have an even team and I’m not worried nothing

In general you don’t see a very even team, nor do you boast of winning in preseason, they are friendly games, preparation games, rare, even misleading, they are four times, many changes; do not pay much attention to the results, if to how we come to the players on a day to day basis and more or less the performance and at what level they are.I am not concerned, it is clear that we have a very good team and we are working every day so that it has a better cohesion every time.

Internal competition

The players are the first to realize that there is competition, they realize the squad that there is and they realize who is doing well and how high quality their teammates have and what type of coaching staff they have in front of them, especially those who have been there for more years and They have been in many locker rooms, they are the first to realize that there is great competition.

The technician gives us many possibilities to handle different schemes, there are versatile players who can play different positions.My primary function is for the team to play at 100 percent of its capacity and for that we must clarify the score, we have very good musicians and we must balance the score so that everyone plays the same melody, that everyone plays the same thing on the field. It is a great squad and we must work so that it has cohesion, it is obvious that those who were in the previous tournament have an advantage.

The percentage in which Chivas will start

We have a long way to go but we are doing well with those who were in the previous tournament who have an advantage and those who have arrived we are working to make them fit but it is obvious that we lack a lot individually and collectively, I doubt that a team can be in this moment to its 100 percent.

The reinforcements, little by little

If we enter the competition, those who were in the previous tournament have better cohesion, that team won the last three games of the League, it is Necaxa’s team except Macías, but it is a proc That and they all entered the competition, the squad has been strengthened and the competition begins now.

Madueña will not start

I do not think this will be ready for this game or for date 2, I think it will be ready for date 3.

Your contract

It is already signed I am happy because it is a year and a half contract I hope I can arrive and extend it, we know what life is like for technicians, but very happy , with the mentality of lasting much longer and being able to leave a mark, leave something, a mark is left only by earning something.

The dressing room is very good

So far the dressing room is very good, I put a lot of attention and emphasis on it being very good, if I see someone with a long face I talk with him and try to explain, but they realize the competition, they have accepted all that he has.We have to fight for a position, some games we are going to lose but the joke is that we are all fighting for the same goal.

Who will start, those who closed the tournament or the reinforcements ?

We start with those who have better cohesion, the quality is very even but today those who were in the previous tournament have better meshing.Advantage, many young people from the national team came, with a lot of quality, who fight and give us options on the bench to change the course of the game, it is not that I prefer one, the competition began, there is a team that won the three games of the previous tournament and it is better understood, but the competition will be fierce.

The requirement

“My role is to play well, sometimes you win without playing well but to In the long run, the one who plays well is up, talking about points is risky but if the team plays well with the quality of our players we must be up, we can fight with any team on any field in Mexico.

Chivas of the best schools that Tena has had

We can say among the best, enter into detailed comparisons or say the one, they are difficult, but if it is one of the best schools that has touched to direct and one of the best that there are today in Mexican soccer.

Win the Cup

< p> Guadalajara will always play all the tournaments seriously, all the games seriously, respecting the public that pays a ticket or who sees it on television, was the case in Aguascalientes; That is what we ask the players, if we had intensity there with more reason in the Cup or if they invite us to play in the United States, of course, the cup and the league and whatever we touch.

Players to the Pre-Olympic

We’ll see, the idea is always to support the national teams as much as possible and it’s good that our players go to the national team, it’s great for their motivation, growth, even to show themselves, many young people here with the illusion of playing in Europe and we will always support them, hopefully those players will not lose days with us but we will have to adapt, always supporting the players and national teams

What to expect for the first game against Juárez?

That he plays very well, with all intense ideas, that is an obligation, with the correct attitude of professionals, respecting the people, I hope a lot of people go, our goal is to fill the stadium in each game and we can only attract them by winning, I hope a lot of people go, I don’t think it will fill up this Saturday, but if we wait for the next one with Toluca you attract more and more people.