City show off in the derby against United and put a foot and a half in the League Cup final

Hell for Manchester United is blue. The ‘red devils’ freeze when they see their neighbors step on the Old Trafford lawn. History has stopped sheltering those of Solskjaer, orphans of stars and longing for the battles to dominate England and Europe that were tradition with Ferguson. Now, they settle for mouthing a derby win every now and then.

A comfort that relieved the City for decades. The ‘citizens’ have removed their historical complexes and their label of ‘poor neighbor’ – a literary license for two clubs scattered with pounds – sticking it to their rival. Sir Alex called a “noisy neighbor” a City that hasn’t turned down the music since.He has jumped the fence and invaded United’s garden to have parties and barbecues without staining his house.

A visiting domain that is repeated like garlic at Old Trafford. Guardiola has triumphed in four of his five visits. The ‘sky blues’ rule in Manchester and the Theater of Dreams. A nightmare for a sleeping giant who cannot wake up. The crisis has become chronic to the point of consuming the seasons, the coaches and the signings without joy.

The League Cup was a sweet tooth for a United that needs titles to fatten their lean cows. But City, to a world of Liverpool in the Premier, does not want to give away any local metal. The king of football in 2019 aims to keep most of his land in 2020. The Carabao Cup has been his for two years.Guardiola played without 9 and his vanguard was heavenly in a first half full of football-control. A show in the derby.

United was a broken toy in the hands of Bernardo Silva. The Portuguese scored the first and gave the second to Mahrez. Add two consecutive derbies ‘wetting’ in hostile territory. And in the middle of the dance, De Bruyne broke Jones and Pereira got into his goal the rejection of De Gea. A 0-3 at halftime, in the first leg of the semifinals, that only Rashford made up with his target. A rebel without a cause who tried to balance the scales. But it was too heavy. The final and the City are too far away.

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