Father with son in one team? Extraliga has been premiered

No such extra hockey extraliga has ever experienced. For the first time in history, one father and his son met for an exceptional event in family history, but Lukáš and Jakub Galvasová will not be happy to remember. Their Olomouc lost their lead in Chomutov 2: 4 in the opening round. “I’m glad we played with Cuba for the first time together and we’re in one handball but now we’re very angry that we’ve lost,” admitted 38-year-old Lukáš Galvas.

Just over twenty years, the younger son has defeated himself, and he is also a defender, and several times during the match they find themselves on ice. Unfortunately for the third and ultimately victory goal of the Pirates, scored at 33 minutes by Růžička. “We had a downtime of five minutes when our home bounced off and then super-defended the midfield.It was hard to stumble before their gate, “Lukáš regretted. An extraordinary evening made them feel sorry.

For a lot of dads, it would be a dream come true, and they both perceive their story as attracting attention. Sometimes they know they are unpleasant. “It may happen that we will play the whole season together, but I would like to break it down and concentrate on manchaft,” says Galvas the elder.

On the ice they do not go to think of family ties, they take each other as a teammate. “I call my dad Galus, just as the others in the team call him. It’ll be better for me.I do not want to bring family things to the team, “explains 18-year-old Jakub Galvas.

When asked if he is ready to get out of the set, he’s still stitching. “It is good that the team is more competitive, you have to do more and I am glad we have experienced beakers. I know I have to be better than a player to be on the set. But if he did not play dad at my expense, I would not like to. But we would have to come up with it somehow, “says Jakub.

At home hockey is also being discussed, but it’s not the only thing at dinner. “Let’s say what we should improve, but we do not have to go inside for two hours.Everyone sees it from another perspective, but it is best to see the coaches from the back, “claims the more experienced of the family. Lukáš Galvas played a thousand matches in the extralize, but his son did not push in the hockey. “Sometimes after the game I just put him in his shoes on his skates. He saw me and enjoyed it, and my grandfather had already thrashed the stick on the concrete, so I gave him at the age of four five years in the preparation. I wanted him to learn to skate and then it suddenly turned out to play with me, “he smiles.

Jakub extraligu played for the first time at the age of seventeen, and at that time he fulfilled their story of the sports site when they were against each other in the extraliga. At that time, Lukas Galvas played for Třinec, and when his contract ended in the summer, he signed a new one in Olomouc.He can closely watch and help his son catch up in the extralige and pull it further. Perhaps up to the NHL, where he was drafting Chicago this year. “I’m glad he’s doing well. Now he has reached the extraliga. If he wants to do more, he must always keep on working. Then it will be up to him whether he will satisfy these performances or he will leap on, “Lukáš Galvas speaks soberly about the future of his son.

Meanwhile, it looks like they will play in one club at least this year, so they can cope with the ice for better results than yesterday in Chomutov. Maybe in tomorrow’s home match against Vítkovice (17.00).

The Galvas family’s story is extraordinary, but the history of European hockey has once seen Dad and his son in the same dress.In 2013, he joined Sami Kapanen in the highest Finnish competition with a sixteen-year-old descendant Kasperi.

Even more unique is Gordie Howe, who played in 1979 in the NHL for Hartford Whalers even with two sons Mark and Marty. Even his can climb the Galvas clan, so the Olomouc club will grow third in the party – Tomáš Galvas. But the father of the family will have to add for another year on ice, his younger son was eleven this year. But if he really went in the footsteps of Gordie Howe, who played up to 52 years, time is still good.

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