Fist instead of hockey sticks. The Central Bohemian Regional League was boxing

In a duel between the non-Danish Bulldogs and the Welsh Knights everything was about to extend after the 2: 2 draw, but in the 52nd minute it was ruined that the referees had to end the game prematurely. “Sudden moves did not make it at all. One lane was a woman of lesser growth, the other was a young man. They can hardly prevent such a thing. And the end of the match? It was completely unnecessary for us to be able to do it, “said Martin Chabada, home coach.

The whole conflict arose from a common skirmish of two players who managed bills after a hard fight. Everything was happening in front of Vlašimi, but it was a fair fight. Several players have joined the battle.

“One of the spectators has been totally absurd and unsportsmanlike.There was no protective plexiglass in the place where our player was playing with the opponent, and the player with Vlasim pulled over the mantinel and gave him several fists. Of course this is not the case, the viewer has nothing to interfere with the ice, “Chabad said. “But the reaction of the Vlašimská invertess came too exaggerated. Several people ran out of the game, which I understand, the sequel to the guard was no longer in place. ”

The security guard ran out of the incident and ended the skirmish, but that was not all. The coach of the guests was very upset, took the stick to one of the neratovich borci and began to brace after the organizers. The record of the match is that the guests refused to continue in the match. The knights resolutely deny it, and they could play it. “In my opinion, the guests did not want to continue the game.We had the upper hand, we pushed them, they were afraid they would not win. This way they can win the controversy. That’s not fair to me, but we’re not going to do anything about it, “Chabada said.

Chabada does not know who he was. “Yes, there was a lot of Flames on our side, but on the other side what’s on the ice, it’s supposed to stay there. The referee should have a better watch to prevent the guest from interfering, “said Martin Chabada.

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