Forget the last season, they want Sokolov football players

“We want to go back to the top of the table and play attractive football. Another goal is the progress in the cup, we want to welcome the first league team again, “says club president Tomáš Provazník before the start of the season.

We will have to wait for the first task to complete, but to succeed the other successfully works. In the first cup, Baník won in Louny 7: 0 and in the second he is going to SK Zápa, the scheduled date is August 9.

Sokolov plays the first two games outdoors due to the reconstruction of the playing area, after joining Vlašim next Friday in Ústí nad Labem and for the first time will present their own audiences in a new date, Sunday 13th.August from 15 am against Tábor.

“There have been some problems with the subsoil, but the work has been successful and I believe we can do the homework for the season without any problems,” Provazník assures.

And that’s not all. “There was a meeting with the mayor of the city about the repairs of the city stadium, especially the tribune. We firmly believe that reconstruction will start soon, “adds Baník Sokolovský president. “We want to continue to improve the conditions in the club, especially for our youth,” he adds.


As traditionally before the season there was a lot of change in Sokolov. Vondráček and Blažek joined at the last minute.There are currently three goalkeepers in the squad, but Shiman is currently injured.

The defense is undergoing a major change, after six years, Zbyněk Vondráček left the pillar, but the club gained the expert Peter Mraz. In anticipation, Michal Hlavatý, a representative in the age of nineteen, would be able to fulfill his expectations, and the great incomes of the attackers Adam Ševčík and František Dvořák would be.

“I did not know the team, but I was surprised what it is. I am very pleased with how guys work and how they perform. We have a good team and football boys have fun, which I will try to endure, “admits one of the coaches Pavel Horváth, another of Sokolov’s new faces.It is part of strengthening and expanding the implementation team.

“Unfortunately, goalkeepers Jiří Bertelman and Václav Zíma have finished. They were replaced by Stanislav Vahala, keeper of goalkeepers, David Palla, team leader and Miroslav Fousem, a master, “said Tomáš Provazník, president of the club.

Even changes in the player’s playgroup have one of the meanings. “We were accused of not having our own players. Currently, there are fifteen players in our team. ”

The main coach remains the current sports director of the club, Vítězslav Hejret, and coach Pavel Horváth understands this. “I have no problem in Sokolov, I was already playing hockey, so I’m happy.Sokolov is a small town, but I can adapt it, “adds Pavel Horváth.

His arrival should relieve the stress and difficulty of everyday work, its cheerful nature determines it. “We are happy to have such a football personality. We have a chance to learn something. Some jokes from the coach have already taken place, “says Petr Glaser, captain of the team.

That’s why he is looking at the upcoming season with optimism. “I think we have a good team and we are also instructed from the previous season. We want to be an interesting team for both spectators and rivals, “adds Sokolov captain.

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