Freedom in Kometa points. I do not have to figure it out, I’m looking forward to cooperating with the tahun

They are nicknamed the Statue. Last season but Tomáš Svoboda’s career definitely had no stable foundations. On the contrary. The hockey striker was superfluous in Kometa, so he was mostly hoping for a hostage. Vítkovice, the first league Třebíč and last time Pilsen, where the idea that he would probably never be able to shoot a powerfully armed Komet from time to time. “You can paint it, but it will happen otherwise,” he knew 30-year-old forvard. And he did well.

In the spring, after the successful Pilsen hosted, the extralig champions actually heard and Freedom did not hesitate for a moment.Just because the double father wanted to settle in Brno with his family. “Now it’s up to me to do optimal performance and stay here,” the bearded shooter realizes.

Tomáš Svoboda has had a stunning Pilsen jersey.

And confidence in the coaches the season is paying off. With 11 points, he is the third most productive comet of the Martyrs – Zaťovič and Erats “saints”. Last Sunday he contributed to the current league’s extra league with two goals to win in Pilsner ice 5: 4 in the lead. “Points are also a piece of luck,” says Svoboda, who, after the summer retirement of Mark Kvapil, took a place in an elite Brno attack. But he did not collect points in his hand. “We did not manage at five to five. We have moved very hard up and down.From Libor (Zábranský, boss and coach of the Comet), there was an impulse that Martin Zaťovič moved me and instead he managed to do it perfectly, “says the current member of the second line. “If you do not manage, the assembly starts to move, it’s normal. Maybe boys who are not currently playing would belong to the group elsewhere. That’s a lot more pressure in the Comet, but on ice we can see that we leave everything there and we are doing well. “Although Freedom in the offensive hierarchy of the Brno masters fell, he scored points in the last four.It is an integral part of the comet’s special comand, which boasts the most successful power-ups in the extralise – 26.53 percent. “Points are made more simply than when one has to invent himself,” says Freedom of Co-operation with Zaťovič or Erat.

The 36-year-old Erat is the maker of Brno’s numeric benefits. “Martin manages himself more or less. He has full confidence from coaches, “says Svoboda. As a right hand, he moves on the left wing to make the first one finish. “I played a bit lower in a similar place before, but Martin showed me before the season when we were putting the powerups together, where to be and how to move.It’s good to be here, give a clear tone and split the pucks, “commented the five-year-old Kometa shooter who will play the last match in the Main League Champions League at 18.30 on Tuesday at 18.30.

Freedom will cheer on colleagues away. On the Sunday trip from Pilsen the Brno team split. While Barinka, Káňa, Malec and Mallet, who were supplemented by the Brno youths, went to the north of Europe, the Comet supports a looser regime. “Malmö does not have a direct connection, the coaches have decided to save their strength. Additionally, we are sure of the group’s progress, “says Svoboda, who enjoyed his free time on Monday. On Tuesday, he’ll sweat again.Defender of the title awaits a Friday duel against Olomouc after the Champions League.

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