Geverta replaced. But Jihostroj could not overturn Kladno

How can Jihostroj play without the wounded Universe Gevert? And stops Kladno without its key player? These were the main issues when the Chilean volleyball player in the third set departed from the playing area in the previous extra-league match in Pribram.

And this theme was solved everywhere during a duel he had already watched the crutches. In front of refreshments, on the stands and men’s toilets. And what is the answer? Although it did not work against Kladno and the home team lost 1: 3, Gevert should not go. “I think Sebastian was very much missing. Colin played well, “commented the performance of the second South Bohemian player on the position of the blocker Vladimir Sobotka.

And coach Jan Svoboda joined. “I think he did it.It was harder for the recorders to get used to another universe, but we can praise him for his performance, “added Svoboda.

On the site of the universe, Colin Hackworth, the American team, joined the team. And he played his role well. Even though some of the spectators called it weaker, it was a benefit to the show. For example, in the second set he managed to bring the team up to two straight points in a straight line, which the South Bohemia did not manage. showed why it is the first

It can be said that the whole Budějovický unit on Kladno was not enough and it was not just one man. Central Boys reign the table. They only lost in the first match of the season and have dominated since then.And they showed their welfare in the Budejovice Hall.

“I was afraid of the struggle. Although Jihostroj did not have a key player, it is a strong team and I am happy for the three points we have, “the coach Kladna Milan Fortuník evaluated.

The first two sets of his team managed excellently. He always had a slight lead in the end, which he could turn into. In the third time Jihočeš dominated. They pressed the service team, Petr Michálek managed to score from various positions and the home winners clearly won. Even in the fourth it seemed that they would not have any more significant problems. They started great, but in a 12: 3 way, the Kladens began to erase the loss gradually until it completely dissipated. “Here we did not find what Kladno did.We also led to the end of the lead but did not play it, “said Svoboda.

So they were disappointed that the match did not reach the break and have at least no points. But the match allowed 1,200 spectators to leave with a high-level match.

“The match for us was terribly important because we had training problems after the Sebastien injury and we tried to play for the first time in new assembly. We will play without it for a long time and it was a great preparation, “said Jan Svoboda.

Yes. Although the initially frightening predictions of the torn muscle have not been confirmed, even the volleyball player has torn muscle fibers in the calf.He has begun treatment with rehabilitation, but his break is estimated to be six weeks. “If it’s five or nine, of course we’ll see. It is different for everyone, “said Freedom.

” It is important for us to be healthy for the play-off. We need to create our best position now, “Vladimír Sobotka added.

So the coach could see at least on Thursday in action and load other players. This is a good thing, because Israeli Tel Aviv is coming to South Bohemia in the Challenge Cup on Thursday. The opponent seems even harder than Kladno on Saturday.

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