Hradec defeated Boleslav, Třinec won in Brno and scored Zlín as well

Hradec Kralove, after losing Sunday in the Pardubice derby in East Bohemia (2: 3), returned to the winning wave and won the seventh of the last eight duels. Loss to lead Plzeň dropped to three points, but the leader of the table has two duels to the good against the East. Three goals for the goal and two assists were played by the attacker Rudolf Červený for the win of Mountfield.

The victory of Třinec decided 46 seconds before the end with his second goal in the striker attack Martin Ruzicka, which finished the turn of the guests in the third period. Manko fourth Kometa in Třinec thus increased to five points.

The Zlín hockey players won the third time in a row, but they took home for the first time after four failures. Chomutov suffered the eighth defeat in a row on the rinks of his opponents and overall lost seven of the last eight duels.The match against Roberts Bukarts and Zdenek Okal was played with two points for goal and assistance. The match before the lowest Zlin visit in the season (2 555 spectators) started without bigger chances. For the first time, they were homeless, but Fořt in the 10th minute faced goalkeeper Lukeš failed. A half minutes later, however, the home team led the Kubis with a shot from the right circle.

Just in 52 seconds the home increased to 2-0. An eyecup was found between the circles of Robert Buckarts and Luke’s capitulation for the second time. Pirates could not catch. In the 16th minute he fouled in the attack zone Dlouhý and Zlín used the first power play in the game. David Šťastný and Lucie replaced Laco.

Even the pause did not help the guests to change the direction in which the match was developed.Even cheerfully for Zlín it could have been after the three outfitted against the goalkeepers Laco or after Sedláček’s escape, but the luck was with the Pirates. There was a handsome combination on one touch finished with Žižka, but this time Laco did not coincide. Lauko could have reduced himself, or his action did not work. Flemming scored the 35th minute in the game, but the Berani leadership was quick to get back after Okal took advantage of the Bukarest offer. The same player had two more options by the end of a third. For the first time, however, another passport missed and a second was missing for a second to make its stoppage in the empty gate within the time limit of the second.

In the third act, guests did not have the strength to turn, on the contrary, the home was quietly guarded by leadership.Illo was able to raise him, but he only hit the bar. On the other hand, he did not succeed before Kašík Huml.

The Vincour attackers and Tomáš Svoboda returned the heal to the Brno team, who revived the offensive. Although the Brnans had an optical territorial dominance, they lacked the emphasis on overcoming Hamerlik goalkeeper. The steelmen built a game of quick offensive actions from a secure defense. In the end, they did the same as domestic hockey players and in the first third of Čiliak they did not seriously endanger.

In the second third of the home, the game was simplified and more frequent in the chances. At 25.he did not play Freak, but two minutes later he did not convert the Erat solo raid, whose attempt to knock Hamerlik out.

Waiting for the first goal ended in half an hour. The uncompromising Mallet flew into the trinkets of Třinec and the reflected disc returned to the Net. The Comet did not like it for a long time. A minute later, Martinica Ruzicka beat Cilika in a signaling penalty for the Brno player.

The home-based hockey goal was quickly recovered. In his own weakness, he went to the left of the Erat and after his back pass scored Zaťovič promptly. The steelmakers stood at the beginning of the third act of a momentary blast of Kometa, which had the biggest chance Mallet, who did not change the solo attack.On the other hand, the opponents managed to score a score in the 47th minute when Ciencial’s shot against Cillian was chasing Chmielewski.

Both teams had some chances to decide. Mallet hit the stick, on the other side Rákos ended the escape with a shot to Čílik. The win of Třinec was determined by Martin Růžička.

Mountfield has made a significant head start at the beginning. In the third minute, Koukal hit, to which the puck bounced off a little bit happily after being hit on the back of the mantinel. Koukal responded very quickly and overcame Maxwell.

But the players soon returned to the game. In the eighth minute, Knotek endured, the spring of Hradec in the spring. He hit the goalie of Fisherman’s goal very accurately.He was very proud of the goal, as usual in similar cases.

Nevertheless, for the East Bohemia, the introductory part ended successfully. In the 11th minute, Latvian co-operation was successful – the perfect jerin’s passage ran between Maxwell Concrete Cibulskis. Six minutes later, he was also shot in Red Red, who had been set up by Koukal. Young people of Mlada Boleslav have just decreased. In the second period he again surpassed Rybár Knotek, who used the Orsava record to make a blow. This time he scored the goal, giving his team a chance to score a point.

Eventually, however, the guests did not manage to score. On the other hand, Hradec changed the second power play at the beginning of the third period.Captain Bednar showed great action. He rode through the assault belt, and with the back of his hand he put on Kohler. He confirmed the position of the best Hradecký shooter in the season and definitely broke the Mlada Boleslav resistance. In the rest of the game, the home was slightly more active, but the score did not change.

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