I’m sure I’ll wipe it out, Sportingbet said about the collected goal

Stoper Mario Holek recalled that in the 26th minute of today’s strike of the 11th league round in Pilsen he could not prevent Michael Krmenčík from scoring. The home attacker after the center in slipped the goalkeeper Tomas Koubek and the Spartan players in the Sportingbet defenders’ title defeated the title 0: 1.

“I certainly wondered, probably something to do. “

” From behind my back, the attacker ran out, I did not reach for a long leg, even a goalie did not reach.It was exactly between us, and Jorge Rodriguez whipped it there, “added a defensive twenty-nine year old.

The mistake of collecting the goal came as Sportingbet soon as his team left the center of Romana Hubník. > “Sure, but we just had to defend the situation. In the 0: 0, it would be more playable, “he said.

The match was very balanced. ” We had something at the beginning, a shame that it did not happen. We did not have much, but Pilsen did not have any chances, unfortunately, except for the goal. It was a balanced match, a lot of scramble, a sea of ​​fouls. Practically, we did not get into a more coherent game.We got one dumb goal and it was going on, “ was sorry for the girl.

His whole team lost to Pilsen for the fifth time in a row, and according to Holka, i> “It’s possible. They play in peace, they believe in us. We want to break it and we are not doing it yet, “the former player of Dnipropetrovsk and Brno regretted.

Sparta has lost seven points in 11 rounds of league, Mladá Boleslav, Pilsen seven points, but Holek fight for the title does not give up. “The league is quite level upstairs, Boleslav is Sportingbet there now. For fans, it’s definitely more interesting, it means for us that we have to make a slump and try to get the head off. Wrestling is still a lot and we do not deny anything “, Holek said.

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