Impressive ride of Olomouc. We made the Dukla mistakes, valued Jilek

“Great satisfaction with the game, but also very good fulfillment of defensive tasks, because in previous matches Dukla got into the chances,” said Olomouc coach Václav Jílek, who after a quarter of the competition can also score seventeen. p>

The home crowd was not happy with the simple match but on the pitch it was clear. There was no tricky conquest of the “Dukel Pass”, rather it was danced to two goals in the first half.

Jakub Plšek, a midfielder stumbling on the tip of the injured Chorie. He made his way back in the 17th minute, and Sladký centrum put his head straight to the bar.In less than a quarter of a second, he added 2-0 when the goal keeper Radu reached his own shot. “It was important that the boys looked at the last moment and saw that I was able to jump off the hitch. Both Sladky and Zahradníček sent me fantastic centers and the other end was a bit trembling and luckily it fell down, “23-year-old Plšek smiled. More than the attacking game dominated the home defensive. Jílka’s greyhounds destroyed the extended attempts of Dukla on the start and, in long balls, they honestly doubled the striker Holendu. After the ball was lost, an immediate return to the defense position followed.The taste with which all ten players instantly challenged their opponents was impressive and Dukla did not appear as a team to deal with. “We have probably had the best half-time in the eight games so far,” said Sigma coach Vaclav Jilek.

He meant not only two goals, but against Brno, Sigma managed to shoot three in the break but mainly on the lawn that exclusively directed his team. “We were playing very actively, very aggressively, which was our intention, because if you let Dukla do the kick-off, it has the strength in combination. That’s what we wanted to avoid, playing very actively upstairs – and we were doing it well.I do not think Dukla was so bad, we played the first half very well, actively and we made it to the mistakes, “he appreciated.

The biggest ones were undoubtedly committed by the skippers when they left too much space for Plšek. He did it mainly in the second goal, when he made his own shot without any problems. “They probably all saw it. Both gates could be tied, the other one hundred percent. We did not solve it and the boys realize what the mistake was, “he criticized Jaroslav Hynek.

After the break, Plšek had a hat-trick after a corner from a corner but the ball hurled him. Even so the praise of the alternate midfielder on the spur just in case of emergency. “A lot of people rate it only by efficiency and offensive work.But Cuba has worked a huge pledge and defensive activity, starting a presidency. This is not the lightweight type of player, so he was willing to work for the team and was rewarded for it, “Jílek stressed.

However, the tasty Olomouc menu had a sweet dot at the end – a 20-meter bomber to the pole was set up by the right defender Martin Sladký. “I still want to look at the video, because I’ve got a bit more of it away from the ball. Yeah, I hit it beautifully. I did not expect the first league goal, “he laughed.

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