It was not simple, he complained to Jarolim of injuries

The coach of the Karel Jarolim delegation admitted that the nomination for the upcoming qualifying matches of the World Championships in Germany and Azerbaijan was not easy. The reason was a series of injuries, especially in the backup line, from which Vladimir Darid from Hertha fell out.

“It is not easy, moreover Bořek Dočkal had almost a Bet365 month off,” Jarolím said to today’s press conference. “Especially at Darby, where one did not doubt it should be in the base line, it’s a hit.But we have to deal with it, “added a sixty-year-old coach.

That’s why Jarolim left four vacancies in the nomination for the weekend. ” Maybe someone dazzles us enough we will not look at the posts, “ the coach smiled. ” We should definitely have a stoper and we have some options on the left defender. Dan Pudil was injured, but if he does not play today, he could start the weekend. We will see, “added

The left edge of the defense could theoretically use Paul Kadeřábek, who Bet365 started there in Hoffenheim. ” The alternative is, but in the last qualifying match, Filip The newcomer did not disappoint. Except he did not score. Otherwise, I think the performance was very good.But, of course, the coach is good when he has more options, “he said.

Besides the injury, the nomination was also complicated by the Sparta players, who lost a derby with Slavi on Sunday. I did not like the Derby because there were four Spartan candidates, “Jarolim said.” On the other hand…But I will not pull it because I have to be neutral, “added a coach , who has twice won the championship title from Eden twice.

On the contrary, the joy of Tomas Sivok has come back, because the Czech team is the biggest problem next to the middle of the game. “Looks cool looking forward.I believe this is what a person should be in the team, “said the coach. ” We have to choose something, we have two and we will see what the next matches will look like, ” said.

The chance to get the chance of the surprising leader of the first league of Zlín, Jakub Jugas and Tomáš Hájek. Zlín leads the league and certainly not only they, but also other players perform high-quality. Jugas and Hájek are important players, “he commented Jarolim, who Bet365 entered the qualification with a no-draw draw against Northern Ireland.

The second match is expected on 8 October in Hamburg against the world champions from Germany “I’m sleeping well now, oh, that’s it.But the more I watch the Germans, the more they upset me, “Jarolim said. ” We have a good study of them, but it’s a question of transferring them to the pitch. It will not be simple, but I believe we will not create the most optimal conditions for what will fit them, “he added.


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