Knee in half and own start-up. How Felix discovered happiness in misery

The native of Las Vegas will not be the newcomer in the best world league. He played it in the 2013/14 season when Cleveland Cavaliers was searching for and not finding a way between LeBron James’s first period and LeBron James’s second season.

17th August celebrated his 27th birthday – what about basketball careers is the age to say but Felix has little experience, but he has been playing two more seasons in the G-League.

He worked in the Canton Charge (Cleveland backup team), the Santa Cruz Warriors (Golden State), and lastly in the Long Island Nets.

we can do it.Felix is ​​one of the biggest surprises in this year’s preparation.

The lucky man of the last few days has scored 13 points against his former Cleveland team and 11 points against the Chinese Guangzhou Long-Lions. Useful for the Wizards in defense, he has become the helper of the stars. During the training, a nearly two-foot wing wounded as the winner of an intra-comedic smashing contest. In the competition of Kelly Oubre Jr, or Tomas Satoransky a decent act.

He also benefits from the fact that Sheldon Mac must miss the whole season due to the broken achilles. He is lucky, but he certainly does not care.

I Felix has a great deal of injuries. His career came for two years because of a cracked pussy. “Actually, I had a broken knee.Two halves, “describes the moment that has given him a lot of trouble.

The problem? For another, it might be the end of a career. Felix, however, is a happy person. He took it as an opportunity. While he patiently puts himself together, he finds faith in man.

“It was a fight,” admits Felix today. “Between me and my mind and the demons who were whispering to me. I tried to stay positive. At that time I learned a lot about myself. ”

The NBA dream of this passionate skateboarder remained, in his spare moments – and that he had – but he began to engage in motivational talks. “And we went with a friend into a small technical start-up,” he adds.Their idea is Zing It.

“Actually, you can spot boats, bikes and sports equipment through our website or through the app. When you go on holiday, you will stay calm, you do not have to go around and look around, “he describes his idea.

Now he gets the second chance on the pitch.

I look in the mirror in the morning and smile. This is an opportunity for few, “says Mr. Positive, Washington.

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