Kometa celebrates its turn, Pilsen is offensive. Pardubice began to lose

They may have a very good feeling in Plzen, where the forecasts that Martin Straka’s team assign to the role of a black horse are beginning to be fulfilled. The West Bohemians have put five goals in the first leg of Litvínov.

Similarly, Chomutov is quite satisfied, who beat Olomouc clearly 4: 1.

Good luck was Zlin, who lost the whole match in Vítkovice, but eventually celebrates a 2: 1 win over.

Pardubice, who defended last-minute extralig at the barrage, entered the new year with a defeat. Result 2: 3 is ultimately flattering for most of the game losing three goals.

In the last duel, Liberec counseled the strong Hradec Králové and won 3: 0.The next round is on schedule Sunday.

The defensive journey started for Komet with a goal of 34 seconds in the new season. However, the home team did not hit it and the German soon settled and for another two minutes the result turned Vincour after a great combination in power play. However, Třinec did not hit the development and gained his lead. First of all he compared veteran Irgl and in the first siren gave to 3: 2 Marcinko. In the middle of the duel, he secured the Hrňa, which reached the top of the right circle.It seemed that it was decided, but Brno tried and in the third third settled and the second point was taken thanks to the raids.

Pardubice Chomutov’s entry into the match and the goal of Poletín slowed down Houdkovo’s settlement, but Olomouc chilled in less than a minute, the Chauv, who was running from Mrázek’s blue shot. When Ruzicka rose in the middle of the game after a quick action and a two-to-one bet, the winner was clear. Spanned Hanák soon hit his knee with his second goal in the game Chlouba, which this time, after the behending pass of Head quickly swept the puck into the net.

We watched the game in a detailed report

Pilsen fans were waiting for the first goal until 27 minutes, when the home was given to the deserved leadership of Schleiss.Litvínovský Černý, however, was in the middle of the game, but then two quick strokes came: Straka stayed on his right flank and flicked to the opposite pole, and then Stach pulled off the puck in a counterattack and fired at the right pole.

For the first time, she managed to push through the blue shot, and for the second time, the Bolles defeated the puck behind the Skořepa goal and presented it to Maciek, who did not hesitate. But the guests returned to the game in 16 seconds Valský after a nice individual event, at the end of which he headed between goalman’s concrete.The favored Central Boys finally pulled the whole game for a shorter finish and for the third time settled two and a half minutes before the end.

Zlin celebrates the winning victory because he lost most of the match in Ostrava. She could have fallen away from the 17th minute in the crash pushing the puck into the net. However, Vítkovice was unable to insure their head and beaten. Settlement settled at 58:48 Freibergs, who shot everything in front of Robert Bukars’ pass and won the winning trek in the extension Happy Happiness from Blue.

minute and in the second third he confirmed her with a very happy goal: he pushed the puck from the back of his own on the goalkeeper Kacetl, who slept. The home defeat in the midfield of the Blacks, which even scored in his own weakness. The Pragueians won over Pardubice for the tenth consecutive time, and nothing changed the final home loss, which made the outcome much more acceptable to them.

We watched the game in a detailed report

Liberec directed the victory of Pyrochta, who in the power struck from the right circle immediately under the lid.The definitive victory of the home team eventually decided at the turn of the second and third third, when Jánošík first fired with a swing of blue and after the change of sides, Ordoš cleaned the puck in the net after Bakoš’s shot from the blue shot.

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