Liberal football players flee to Prague before the snow. In the hall with the artist

On Monday, they trained in improvised conditions on their artificial grass at U Nisy. “The terrain was pretty cool, just during the training around us we had to keep driving the snow cleaning technique, so it was not perfect,” said Jaroslav Köstl, Liberecký asistent tréner.

The club’s leadership on harsh climatic conditions were responding, and Liberec will train on Thursday and Friday in Zbuzany in Prague in a special, modern, third-generation artificial grass lawn with 86×36 meters.

“We will be there to sleep at the hotel, so we will use this environment for at least two days,” Köstl said.

On Tuesday, Slovan footballers will use the U Nisy , tomorrow they play from 11.00 am Tipsport League match in Mladá Boleslav against Varnsdorf and take the direction of Prague on Thursday.

Even though the snow in Jablonec has been sprinkled since the start of the preparation, Monday football players had to prepare for the preparation.Over the 50th centimeter of snow occurred in Jablonec during the weekend and at night on Monday.

“We did not have to change anything yet because our people cleaned up the area. We had to do the first move right now.On our usual training course in Mšena, youth games are played, so we planned to train for new artists in Břízky, but there were problems with the technique, the area does not run out of time, so we have to work out in the afternoon for training in the city hall. But no big problem, “said Zdeněk Klucký, Jablonec coach, yesterday afternoon. “In the morning, the players were in the gym and were running in the athletic hall with us at the Střelnice, which was planned already.”

The striker Doležal, who was on Monday in Prague for examination with sore thirst , and the individual training plan has another Tecl forward due to minor difficulties.For the first time, for the first time, the Slovak striker Zreľák, who came to Jablonec during the autumn with injuries, was preparing for the first time.

Another preparatory match is waiting for Jablonce footballers on Saturday when they meet in Tipsport League Mladá Boleslav in derby with Liberec.

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