Liberec’s volleyball awaits a sharp test: a duel of vicemens

A similarly exciting battle is to be expected in the Dukla Hall even on Saturday, when Liberec will invite an acting Czech vicemyman from Olomouc in an attractive 5th round of the extraliga from 18:00.

“If we play very well, it is possible that our home match will again be stretched.Olomouc is still a top team that defies champion Prostějov last year, his cadre is very good and especially for a long time together, “says younger coach Josef Smolka, a coach of Liberec volleyball teams.

The newly formed team of women Dukly is still in the highest competition, and after three victories in a row, he is in a balanced table with a win of nine points for the unbeaten Prostějov. Hanačka belongs to the eighth place in the fourth.

“We definitely are not favorites; such an opponent will be a success for us at the beginning of the season. We take it as a test of our performance to see what we are missing from the absolute peak.We are already at some level, but we still have a lot of work to do, “says Smolka.

Liberec volleyball players are at the front of individual statistics after four rounds.Slovak univerzálka Roman Krišková is 81 uhranými points the best player of the competition and leads the order of the most scoring players in attack, Veronika Dostálová the best Libero, another Slovakian Lucia Mikšíková is the second in the success of the workshop and Catherine Kohoutová is the third among the blockers.

Men Dukla defending unbeaten Venice

Dukla Liberec volleyball far this year extraleague won all six matches for three points, losing three sets, and a series of invincibility to keep on Saturday. In match 7.

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