Live betting

live betting

You can also bet “live”, which means you can place a bet during a running match. Betting offices changes odds as the result goes on, so you can decide for the best bet. Live betting bets are popular all around the world. If you bet live, you have more control of your bets.

However, you also need to decide quick and right. We don´t recommend bet live if you are beginner. The big advantage is that you can bet according to what you see. Let´s say that you want to bet on match between Manchester United and Slovan Bratislava.

United is a favorite and it´s expected to win. This means that the odd is low. But what happens if outsider scores a quick goal? Because United now looses, the odd is higher. But you still believe in strenght of the team and you bet on win of United, but now with higher odd. Sometimes the start of match can significantly say how will the result be. But you have to be disciplined and have your emotions under control. Bets at the very end of the match are very popular at Bet365, Energybet and William Hill.

Especially if the favorite team draws or loses. In these cases you can bet on favorite with very good odds. However you cannot bet during some events like a red card or penalty kick (bookmaker must firstly change the odds accordingly.

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