Navrátilová: I cry during the Czech anthem. Not American

They were in jail. ”

America accepted her for her own, for which she remains grateful. “I am a Czech and an American,” he says. “I only cry in the Czech anthem, and not in America. I was more emotionally more Czech. ”

Her gaze on her native land changed after the Velvet Revolution:” When she was free, I came back with her, I was proud of the progress she had made. ”

The policy has not stopped interested. Twitter has to be blamed for the limitation of the ability to buy automatic weapons in the US. Zavile criticizes President Donald Trump.

“Catastrophe,” she exhaled in an interview with MF DNES and Radiožurnál in Singapore. “He just destroys. He did nothing good. It is much easier to demolish the building than to build it. Trump is even worse than people imagined.State under it goes to the military regime and to totalitarianism. ”

With similar concern is watching developments in the Czech Republic. Several times she was amazed by the behavior and the statements of President Milos Zeman: “She does strange things!”

So far only superficial knowledge has gained on the results of the weekend parliamentary elections. “I’m a little afraid that Czech Trump won,” she said. “But I still have to find out what’s going on. Brother Karl, a sophisticated brother, has a detailed overview of politics. We always talk about it. I’m looking forward to seeing the situation properly. ”

A strong bond with the Czech Republic means tennis. Honey enthusiastically when one of her countrymen shines on the WTA Tour. She personally cheered them at the Fed Cup final with Germany in the fall of 2014.In Singapore he holds the fists of Karolina Plíšková. “I’m proud of the girls. I have to remain impartial when commenting. But I’m always happy when they’re doing. ”

The first ever Wimbledon triumph of Petra Kvitova, which was the model, was the most impressive in 2011:” I was very happy with winning Jana Novotná, but this new generation it struck me. Especially Peter. A left-hander like me is also attacking and trying to walk on the net. Jééé! She is also a first girl. ”

A strong woman who has been fighting a lot of harsh battles in her career, but has herself a pretty fragile soul in her life.Six years ago, in London, in a crooked voice, she said, “It’s a shame that ours did not live.” And now, in Singapore, when she talked to her parents, she only said, “I’d rather not talk about it. Or I’ll cry out here right now. “

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