No interest and no points. Now to suppress emotions, the Brno coach Habanec is headed

The gunslinger on Friday’s league premiere finally succumbed to an enthusiastically playing newcomer 1: 3. “I’m disappointed with the performance and the result,” coach Habanec said. “We have fallen into personal battles. We played a second violin in a number of other activities. ”

In a new year in which Zbrojovka wants to forget the gray 11th place of last season, she explored four new acquisitions. But the introduction was Baník. The guests were brisk, more dangerous, in the middle of the field they gathered the reflected balloons easily as raspberries.

“They made us trouble in breakeven situations. We were lucky that we did not play at the beginning 0: 2 or 0: 3, “said the oldest player Zbrojovka Jan Polák.

Goalkeeper Melichárek did not collect after 27 minutes after the great Hrubý volley.The home team, however, managed to counter ten minutes later after a successful action. “My goal was overwhelming that we got three and lost,” complained Milos Kratochvíl, who scored in the league debut. “I believed that we were going to get better after the goal, we would be stronger on the balloon,” Habanec said.

The squadron was a better team after the match. But…”There were some midfield missiles, but there was no chance,” said Tomas Pilik, a midfielder from Brno. “It was so refined.”

And so Baro hit. That is, the one who applauded almost the entire stadium during the rotation and all fans of football wanted a similar comeback.Except for those from Brno.

Only the Factor Baros did not decide the duel. “I missed more impudence and enthusiasm,” admitted coach Zbrojovka, whose defeat at the very end was played by Bronislav Stáňa. “Last week, I threatened to play in the team for 21 years, probably helped,” said Ostrava coach Radim Kučera. “He wanted to show up in his region, he comes from Znojmo.But I’m going to have to keep it short, “the ex-co-junior coach said after the league premiere.

The Zbrojovka, after a brisk mace, who was certainly not bored thanks to the high standard, “The game was not good,” Pilik said. Kratochvíl said: “We have to watch such a match,” Kratochvíl said. Although both of them came to Brno in the summer break, they knew very well what had been annoyed by the Zbrojovka during the previous season – the unnecessary domestic loss that Brno has begun this year’s leagues. Coach Habanec sent to the court instead of the injured defender of Jablonský záložník Prichystala and behind the midfielder Pilík offensive returnee Škoda. It felt like the domestic desire for three points.They do not have one.

“We have to suppress emotions and cool off the negativity that will be here for a while,” Habanec said. “It’s not all that well. I do not want to make some alibi, but we have to go on, get up and be optimistic, “added Polák.

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