Not only with Three Nurses. Spotakova cut a singing duet with Vadlich

In the past, the obstacle with Monika Absolon appeared in the past with the obstacle player Petr Svoboda or the former height and current director of the Czech Athletic Association Tomáš Janků. The solo was cut by a former ten-year-old Roman Šebrle in front of his friends, in the dance performance Rapid Girls and Zuzana Hejnová played the piano.

The singing duet of the two most successful athletes of the season was this year’s novelty. What you throw, somebody moves it next time. He disappears in the wake behind the ship. The one who once took the gold, “said the modified part of the song Vadlejch. Spottakova added to him soon: “What you throw, someone else will throw it again next time.That’s what happens to every one of us. ”

But another song was originally planned, but the nine-time queen of Czech athletes did not like it. That’s why they chose the duet of Mira Žbirka and Martha. “And then I found out that even he was pretty tough on me, but it was decided that we had to sing her. I was surprised to find that I did not fully appreciate my options, and finally I think I was surprised that I was running for performance, “said Spotakova, who was said to have been unusually high in the duet.

Still In the morning, she was nervous from the show, until the general had calmed down. And after the show, she was glowing again.

“A beautiful experience. At first I thought I had a little punishment because it’s nervous and I’m not like a fish in the water.Maybe I’ll only sing with Three Nurses if I let Fanake let me, “she joked the London World Champion.

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