Only Nowitzki finished, the Germans woke up and attacked the youngest team

German basketball can not equal football and handball, but he is a concept. Silver was at EuroBasket 2005, bronze at the 2002 World Cup. And now he has a showcase for further achievements.

While in the recent past, the German team has been running an extraordinary length, today it is necessary to take a different look.

The leader can rely on now. Dennis Schröder, who is celebrating his 24th birthday in a few days, is one of the fastest basketball players ever, and in the past season the NBA has taken on the role of Ascendant Atlanty.

A West African Muslim with a blonde hairline in the hair is the second best shooter of the ongoing championship Of Europe (23.2 points), and in the top 10 is also included in Assistance Statistics (5.2).He took care of the victories over Italy or Georgia and in the eight-finals he led a great turnaround with France.

The Gauls did not arrive in the best possible game, but while overtaking talents, co-opportunities remained. Their scalp now makes Germany one of the most interesting representations on the continent – no matter how the Tuesday quarter-final (17.45) will turn against the spell-winning Spaniards who defend the title.

The Germans are the youngest at this year’s tournament, so this year they are just starting out. The oldest men’s list is 29, the youngest 19.

And they confirm that the plan to build the strongest league in Europe is working honestly – as they own it. Meanwhile, it seems that the pupils are getting closer to the target than the clubs themselves.They are still a reservoir for Spanish, Turkish and Greek giants. This is true of both Bayern Munich and Brose Bamberg.

Germans, new hit by NBA

Germany’s selections over the past few years have attacked the top positions in their championships, and now it’s time to reap the fruit of the seniors.

Also, the NBA has noticed.After Schröder’s debriefing last year, Paul Zipser (23 years), Daniel o Theis and Maxi Kleber and 19-year-old Isaiah Hartenstein are heading for the overseas.

And next year they are followed by other teenagers Isaac Bong and Kostya Mushidim.

German talents are developing at home (learn the names of Bogdan Radosavljevic, Ismet Akpinar, Karim Jallow, Leon Kratzer, Niklas Kiel, Louis Olinde, Philipp Herkenhoff). Others are going through the path of the American University (Maodo Lo, Moritz Wagner, Richard Freudenberg, Oscar Da Silva).

The German team coach, Chris Fleming, That the Euroleague pivots Tibor Pleiss and Maik Zirbes and Kleber concentrate on the transition to the NBA?Well, there’s still the discovery of the past season, Johannes Voigtmann, the Rick Theis, who signed Boston Celtics from Bamberg. And also the experienced Robin Benzing. And also the young Hartenstein. Wagner, another “new Nowitz”, did not even get to the show.

And a special case of a tall person is Isaac Bonga, a 203 centimeter super-talent. Seventeen players of the Champions League, who let Germany run the game. This is not the case in the case. Soon it will be.

America, Africa…

social multi-tasking. Schröder is a native of the Gambia. Lo has a Senegal father, Johannes Thiemann of Cameroon. Akpinar has remained the last Turkish EuroBasket.The widespread representation team included the Serbian native (Radosavljevič) and the American (Akeem Vargas).

Variety is a matter of course for the next generation. Jallow has a Gambian father, Bonga comes from both parents of the Congo. Olinde junior follows the career of American basketball player with Nigerian roots, Da Silva on a Brazilian retired boxer.

And a special case of Kostja Mushidi.A descendant of a Belgian mother and a Russian father born near Brussels who headed out of Strasbourg, France, to a Serbian youth hatchery, Mega Bemax, to work on his American dream. But all these are children of German sport, over “buying” no personality needed to think.

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