Pardubice footballers were also caught in the second league thanks to the misery of Žižkov

“We had control over the game within 70 minutes. We just dropped out of her a little bit. But otherwise the result is deserved, “was the convinced trainer of the Pardubice FK Jiri Krejci.

The coach of the Victorian David Vavruška did not take the napkins on the presses even though he spoke nicely.

” I think we played the worst this year’s game at all, “he said. “From the beginning we were passive in the game without a ball, in the defense we moved only in some stretched pseudoblock. We did not want to get balloons, we were not pulling into the game. From our side, it was totally under-average and surrendered. We started playing at 0: 3. Dot, “said Vavruška. Really.The most prominent at the stadium was the Žižkov fanclub, who used both vulgarite as the opponent and the former chairman of the Peltu Football Association. Krejčí sent to the lawn, which still covered the frost, the basic eleven in which, for the first time since his arrival in Pardubice discovered a protracted attacker from Chrudim Petr Rybička. It was he who had missed the 5 – th minute, but the ball back to the right side resulted in a penalty. “In my opinion, it was clear,” Krejci said to the moment.

However, the East Bohemian gates were threatened. Řezníček did not work well in the good position between bekes and his shot was weak. In front of Rybičova’s head, he turned away the dangerous center of Fouska at the last moment, one of the visiting beacons.Then goalkeeper Karel Hrubeš scored a penalty kick, which was already judged by Rejzek for foul on Rybička, Pardubice Captain Jeřábek…

“The only one who was really involved in the game was Charles. He gave excellent performance, “said coach Vavruška.

Hrubeš had to deal with other disasters in Žižkov’s defense. Nicely, Cutzinger from 24th and Black from 44th minute was short. As for Pardubice, the second half of the season is the second half when Černý screamed behind the beaks and headed for the right stick. The runners five minutes before the end corrected the penalties, strictly ordered by the defended hand Defender Krupka.Supporters of Žižkov accompanied it with smokers.

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