Penalty = Čech’s weakness. In Arsenal, he has never caught anything

It is paradoxical that Arsenal won the Super Cup in the summer after a penalty shootout. And with Bohemia among the poles. Even though the Czech goalie did not have a shot, but the Chelsea shooters were firing next.

Bohemia celebrated with Arsenal. In the current season, however, it was the first and last time.

The team’s coach Arsena Wenger’s performance is again awaiting. Arsenal has been failing since the beginning of the year at crucial moments, in important matches.

Like on Saturday at Watford. Instead of taking advantage of the hesitations of the rivals, he ran into the first four in the table, losing the game in the last twenty minutes.Again, he was charged with the penalty, even though his regulation, after the minimal contact between Bellerin and Richarlison, described coach Wenger as “scandalous.” But if he were on the other side, he would have wanted the penalty, “said BBC Danny Murphy.

But back to the Czech. When Arsenal on Saturday again needed a key action, the penalty was not enough again.

This time, Bohemian player Trophy Deeney beat Watford. Although he did not basically miss the ball and beat the ball almost to the center of the gate, Arsenal goalie to the right and not hit.And so did most of the penalty that Czechs faced in Arsenal.

Once upon a time the ball touched the ball, just one shot down the direction of the bullet…

No, the penalty was never a Bohemian exchange, nevertheless in the whole career he never had such bad numbers.

In Chelsea, he caught four of the twenty-one penalties in the league. During his entire career he faced sixty-nine penalty kicks in the competitions abroad and during the matches, including ten of them. In the next six cases, the goalkeepers helped him, or the bailiffs did not score the gate at all.

Arsenal’s missile defense has so far unsuccessful. In most cases, they seem to be jumping too early and the shooters will simplify the position.

ČECHŮV DEN.In the Champions League final in 2012, Chelsea scored three out of six penalties for Bayern footballers. And he celebrated the title.

What difference did he make with his famous dinner five years ago. The final of the Champions League was played, filled with the Allianz Arena, rival Bayern Munich…Chelsea shone at Chelsea, extended Arjen Robben’s penalty and in the decisive shot destroyed the attempts of Ivici Olec with Bastian Schweinsteiger.

“There were six penals for the whole game, three caught and every time I went to the right side, I was always close,” he described the famous finals.

Then he was a hero, thanks to his captured Chelsea Champions League kicks won the Champions League.In England they are now asking when a penalty kicks again.

Their last defeated in the preparatory international match against Canada (2: 0) in 2013.

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