Penalty scored against Botafogo disrespects CBF’s own rule

Bahia won Botafogo 1 x 0 last Sunday, with a goal already in extra time and, it seems, the black and white carioca was once again hampered by the mess of Brazilian referees involving VAR, a fact that unfortunately has become common in the Brazilian football.

The penalty scored for Tricolor de Aço even violates the CBF’s own arbitration manual and was given only by the “interpretation” of referee Jefferson Ferreira de Moraes, who “in doubt” preferred to please the hosts.

In the 49th minute of the second half Gilberto, Bahia striker, kicked the goal and defender Marcelo Benevenuto blocked the attempt inside the Botafogo area. The ball hit his thigh and bounced off his hand. The referee immediately scored the penalty and, even though he was called by the VAR to review the play, Jefferson Ferreira de Moraes kept the penalty against the team from Rio.

The problem is that according to the Brazilian football referee rules book this season – which can be consulted on CBF’s own website – a case like the one that occurred in last Sunday’s match does not constitute any irregularity.

In the “Faults and Errors” chapter of the manual, it is said that if the ball touches the player’s arm after directly hitting other parts of his body, there will be no infraction. The judge decided that his interpretation was superior to the CBF’s own manual and maintained. Result? Another controversy and once again a team is harmed. Until when?

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