Put it elsewhere, I’ll scare it later, conducts Brno captain Hrazdir

Also confirmed Saturday’s duel, in which the Brno volleyball players pushed Karlovarsko favoring 3: 2 and in the extrals jumped to the fifth position. “I would rather for an easy victory, that’s how it takes a lot of strength,” he breathed out after the five-thousandth battle of Hrazdira. “But what we are talking about, we are happy with Karlovy Vary for every point.”

The loser of power speaks the most desirable. Hrazdira for the matches from the deck. The rejuvenated Brno team is drawn. Out of constant smashing, the experienced leader has a right-handed right hand. “I can not, it’s clear,” she smiles. “The program is not so wild that I have to get it for three days.”

Its numbers are confirmed by its uniqueness.Hrazdira scored a total of 250 points in 14 rounds, with a bigger striker in the highest competition. “It is very difficult for Michal,” says Ondřej Marek, coach of Brno. “Everyone knows that our attacks are heavily drawn. Everyone is ready for it, “continues the coach. “While we are preparing for more scums, our opponents are only going to Michael. But again our younger players are easier for us, the attention is not so much focused on them. “But Hrazdira himself often goes to the recorder and says,” The blockers are automatically going against me. Try giving it to others, leave me for later.I’m going to do it in some more important situation. “And that it worked, the Saturday match of two Czech representatives in the European Cups, in which the leader of extralig statistics put 20 points. “When someone wins the stats, they are usually a team player who will not reach anything,” reminds a biographer from Brno. “I have already won the scoring before I left abroad. That’s what I’ve accomplished with my personal ambitions. When someone improves on my advice, it’s much more enjoyable for me. ”

A representative who played in Austria, Poland, Italy and France now has the right conditions.The Brnans did not manage to catch the ideal reinforcements beyond the boundaries, so they bet on the young men. Hrazdira thus fulfills not only the role of the leader but also works as a mentor and extralig guide. “I’m trying to give even more to the young people than last year. Sometimes it does not work out in the game. These are 19-year-old boys who play the first season in boys, “Hrazdira realizes.

They listen to the youngsters for his advice, or rather they think,” What’s wrong with Hrazdira? “” Well, they say…I’ll make it up, “laughs the most experienced team player. “But most of the things take their hearts.”

And thanks to young enthusiasm and good physics, Brňany managed the end of the weekend. The win after five sets was celebrated a week ago in Odolena Voda. “We lose ourselves with unnecessary losses.But we are young, we have to play courageously. And he was talking to Handler with the pen really well, “says coach Marek, who had to deal with the absence of foreigners for the last time. With American Ammerman and Russian Sčerbatych, the club has said good-bye. Against Karlovy Vary, Saddam sat sadly on the American Universal Goodell bench, which he will not have in the season due to the thrombosis in his hand. It was only from the tribune that the chilly Colombian Mendoza cheered.

“One is expecting an outsider to be the main driver. We were reluctant to make mistakes with the young team, “says Hrazdira. “The boys found out that they had to get together, and it took the young man for a while.Now every balloon is sprawled, there is nothing left, “says Marek. “I do not like it, but it seems to me that we have added a heart to the game.”

The young man wants the Czech vicems to show off on Thursday against the French giant of Tours. Volleyball players who move to a new hall on Voda Street for a retaliatory duel of the CEV Cup, will bring viewers free of charge.

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