Real will be working for LM in Dortmund’s premiere

On Tuesday, the group stage of the Champions League continues in second rounds. The Real Madrid defender would like to quit the pitch at the Dortmund, where he has not even won one of five attempts since 1998 and has even lost the last three matches. The favored “White Ballet” has begun a F group with an embarrassed and domestic duel with Sporting Lisbon (2: 1) was able to turn to the very end. On the contrary, Borussia declassed the Legion in Warsaw 6: 0.

“It will be a very special match for both us and the fans and we are looking forward to it.Now we are doing well and we have great plans in the Champions League, “said Dortmund midfielder Mario Götz, whose team won the last four match matches at a 20: 2 score. Real does not have the best form in (2: 2), the star cannonist Cristiano Ronaldo has borrowed a bad substitution from the 72th minute.

i> “He wants to be on the field, of course, but we needed to let him rest for a match with Dortmund. “It will be very important for us,” explained realist coach Zinédine Zidane.

The Czech defender Adam Hloušek will return to the Legia report after the opening sentence for the elimination from the preliminary round.Polish champion plays in Lisbon with Sporting in order to rectify the beating of Dortmund.

Leicester is waiting for the home premiere of the Champions League against Port. The English champion won Bruges with a convincing 3: 0, but he is not doing well in the Premier League and is only twelve in the table.

“We respect a lot of Porto, they have played a lot of difficult matches, but the entry to the Champions League is exceptional and we will fight to the end, “warned Leicester coach Claudio Ranieri.

Porto will try to improve the current miscalculation from England, where 16 games lost 14 and in two draws. Bruges will play in Copenhagen as part of the second G-group duel.

Juventus wants Zagreb to rectify the opening homeless defenseless tie with Seville.For the first time in Dinamo LM will lead the new coach Željko Sopic. Sevilla, the winner of the European League, will welcome Lyon, who in the first duel of group H beat Dinamo seamlessly 3-0. Tottenham needs Moscow against CSKA to suffer domestic defeat 1: 2 with Monaco. The French team is waiting for a match against Leverkusen, which has begun with a 2-0 draw against CSKA.

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