Rival after forty years. Lauda and Hunt will meet in one stable

Now the rivals will have their sequel. Those who do not appear on the screen because they write it himself.

34-year-old Mathias Lauda and 25-year-old Freddie Hunt, sons of two great opponents, will race together in a stable next year, 40 years since the season.

, as far as their fathers did not do it in their career, but in the championship, which has a cascading name – NASCAR Whelen Euro Series. It’s an enterprise that can not be regarded as a third-line motorsport league. “But if it’s pure racing pleasure, then this series is the best Bet365 where you can be.I’m already looking forward to the next season and creating a strong team with Freddie, “said Lauda junior, who may have participated in a 24-hour run in Le Mans this year. By the way, winning in Le Mans is also the Hunta juniora sporting dream.

Soon, shortly after the DF1 staged, what “famous” duo next year, which is undoubtedly a great marketing move, “I am thrilled to be traveling with Mathias Lauda.”

He also added a photograph of the team uniforms, who are hugged as old friends.

As if there was no hatred between their fathers who made the movie footage. As if one of them was not an irresponsible flute, and the other one who lived in his shadow.Now Laud and Hunt stood side by side, and each other attended compliments. “I think the two dads would be proud of us,” said Lauda. He is 66 years old and as a triple world champion he continues to work in the F1 carousel where Mercedes is employed by him as a key consultant. Hunt senior – a man who has loved women and alcohol, has not lived for 12 years.

He died in a 45-year infarction.

With Laudou, however, they were not really enemies, hatred amongst the film scriptwriters to make the story of the Rivalry somewhat embroidered. Although they went down the track, they actually recognized each other in the paddock, which lauded Laudo after the premiere of the film: “I would love James to sit here too.”And recently, in an interview with Freddie Hunt, who published the F1 official website, he said,” You and your dad were fighting, we both wanted to win. But in private, there was a friendly relationship between us. In the 1976 season, he was without any objection the best pilot of all. ”

After 40 years, the circle ends: Lauda and Hunt are partners.

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