Sáblíková’s suffering continues. The seventh came at Heerenveen

In the past season, for the eleventh time in a row, the World Cup has dominated the long lines. She added gold to the world championship on a five-kilometer track and became a world champion of Europe and of Europe in speed skating multiplayer.

Martina Sáblíková had something to do next.

“It will make a lot of ice and how I feel at the moment. It will be important for me to spend the time to rank among the best. Ideal among the top eight, “she told her.

This time she was very realistic about her chances.

She might have guessed that the opening part of the World Cup would not go completely according to her imagination.She had the worst result in the last four years on the seventeenth place on the fifteen-seventh place on Saturday, but hoped for a sharp improvement on three miles. It was on this track that she was taking gold and silver at the Olympic Games. She did not want to hesitate.

She entered the race in the last eighth races next to her longtime rival Ireen Wüst. And from the beginning, it was a little bit of a speed-struggle for both women.

The Rivalks, who usually wander on a three-kilometer track, have lost their lead. First second, then two, Sáblíková at one point even three. Even the traditionally strong finisher thirty-year-old athlete did not come close to the Heerenveen winners.

She lost 2.17 seconds and occupied the seventh row.The ranking was shedding on Sunday afternoon.

And at de Jong’s stopped.

Its time was not enough to overcome even the old lady of this track.

the Heerenveen lobby waved the audience before they set off for the first season. Sáblíková traditionally had three-tenths slower start than her Dutch rival. She fired forward, and thanks to the support of Czech audiences, Ceska ran off.

After the first kilometer by a second, then by two and then by nearly three.

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