Shirina gave the right impulse. Satoran also praised him as a key duel

“I did not wait for so many minutes, but I have to be ready for a minute or fifteen minutes. I’m glad I could contribute to the victory. However, the team’s main achievement is the main one, “Shirina refused to praise.” Tomas Satoransky’s team leader, however, was cut off. “Cuba played the best match I ever saw in the national team. He was aggressive. He also needs to feel responsible for the team, “said Satoransky.

Širina is delighted, especially from the player who managed to win 20 points, 13 rebounds and six assists. “Tomas NBA plays in vain and today he showed how big a player he is.He is a real leader and we are just glad that he is here and he performs great performances for the Czech basketball, “Širina enjoys the chance to play alongside Satoransky. Širin has helped a lot in the performance of the crowned seven points. “I got it started. I gave the raid, sixs and then the player’s confidence was better and the coach in me had more confidence, “said Širina.

” It was very important for the whole team to enter the tournament. The start was a bit nervous, there were no open missiles, while they were shooting missiles in the last seconds of the attacks. Halfway we said that it would start falling and that the shooting could not stand. When we created a 10-point lead, it was better.And we watched it, “he was eager to win the elite league of the Czech league.

Now he and the rest of the Czech team expect a heavier challenge – to meet with the defenders of the Spanish title. “We’re going to play with a clean head. We have nothing to lose. We can only surprise you. We will not just do it, but try to get the best result, “Shirina promised.

“We’ll see what’s coming out. In any case, it is more important for us to play with Hungary and Montenegro. These are the opponents we can measure. But we will try it against Spain, “he added.

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