So shit, Kuzma? A new star is born in Los Angeles

Kuzm’s journey to one of the most successful clubs of history has actually begun more than a year ago. When in the early summer of 2016 they signed a four-year $ 64 million dollar contract with the eternal wounded brother Timofej Mozgov in the city of angels.

This was considered to be a poor management step from the start of the season, and fans’ fears were confirmed during the season. The Mozgov was often missing in the set, injured by the injury, and in the modern trend of faster game, the hulk from Russia was heavily enforced.

The Lakers decided in the summer to get rid of him and to sacrifice the other player of the draft of D’Angela Russell.In return, the Lakers won under the Brooke Lopez basket and the twenty-seventh selection in the 2017 draft, of which Kyle Kuzma turned out.

to leave the environment was a success.

“I really did not want to go back there. I wanted to live a better life and discover the world. I needed to know places other than Flint, and it has been driving me to train today, “says Kuzma.

She only cared for Karri mother, a youthful top-of-the-line ball thrower, two jobs. He had moved nine times when he had just dropped her job.For a few months, Kyle and his mother even lived in the cellar with friends to save their living and have enough money to eat.

Still, Kyle’s beloved basketball stayed and he did pretty well, but his Bentley High School High is not a popular site for scouts from renowned universities with a good basketball program.

Before the last high school class, he sent videos of his shooting training to schools all over the United States as he coached Vina Sparacia coach at the Rise Academy in Philadelphia. There, during the season he worked hard for one of the key figures of the team and earned a scholarship at the University of Utah. After the weaker first year, he fought to the base five in the second year and began to write decent numbers.He himself has promised that if he improves his averages in the next year and is able to complete, he will enroll in a draft. When a year later he had over 16 points and nine rebounds and the title of Sociology in hand, it was clear. He was still underestimated and most experts predicted he would not be drafted, but he was getting closer to his dream. When Kuzma shined on the Draft Combine at the training camp, and he had seventeen mostly successful private trainings with the teams, he knew that’s going to work well.

“With us in Flint, everyone thinks they are the best players in the world.I was also self-confident and after successful training I knew I was going to be drafted, “said Kuzma with a cap on his head. Finally, Brooklyn chose him, but he immediately sent him to Los Angeles, where he starred a well- He was in the NBA Summer League, where he teamed up with the more famous young star Lonzo Balle, the unstoppable duo, and led their team to win the preliminary competition. Kuzma helped him with almost 22 points and seven rebounds as he glowed mainly behind the triple arc.He was chosen to be the most useful player in the final of the tournament, and Lakers fans have created a new mod.

The favorite Kuuz has not even stood in preparation matches, where three times out of four duels were the best shooter of his team and scored over 19 points per match. The passionate purple and golden fans see the future of the Lakers and the only one in his home game in Staples Center was his name being called by a fifteen thousand crowd.

The award for the smiling young man is also the NBA general manager poll, second place of the biggest surprise of this year’s draft. All this must be confirmed in the upcoming basic part.Will the fans and managers be so positive?

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