Sympathetic performance, but the Karvins still do not score goals. And they do not

Also against Sparta, the Karvins got promising opportunities. But as usual, they were thrown away…Lukáš Budínský did not change his chances and twice Eric Ramirez, who was the first to attack, instead of the wounded Tomáš Wagner.

“Kalabiška could have succeeded in his shot, Karlin coach Jozef Weber. “We have repeatedly given sympathetic performance, but unfortunately we can not do it.If we do not score goals, it is clear that we have problems with the results. “And the whole team agrees.

” We still have not solved the goals, we are still in the end, “said Marek Janeček, Karviná midfielder. “Of course we are mad at another loss, but worse is that we did not score again,” said Martin Berkovec of Karviná after Sparta.

Unlike the media, many people did not decide that he Tomáš Rosický. “I did not even know who shot. And I do not even know if he wanted to. I did not react when I saw the ball over, “Berkovec said. In the second goal, Hovork, he then protested that the opponent scored the ball. Suddenly Nenadal did not see it.Last time, when the Karvins drew with Sparta 1: 1, the referees left the Spartiks scoring off the game, so Karvina lost a valuable victory. This time, Hovork’s unrecognized goal would not help even point.

“So, whether it was hand or not does not matter,” Berkovec sighed. “We were really crazy at the beginning of the match, it was crazy.”

Coach Weber changed the set for the first time in the season. Due to the yellow cards, Jan Šisler could not get in. He was replaced by the healed Lukáš Budínský. Not even injured striker Tomas Wagner, who was on the field of Venezuelan Eric Ramirez.”Wagi was missing because he was still in the lead but Eric replaced him well,” said Martin Berkovec. “We had the chance again as we did before, but we will not have the goal, no matter who is on the pitch.” Berkovec refuses Ramirez to pay for his youth on his two occasions, he is nineteen years old. “Abroad, even the youngsters from such chances of the goal give…I understand that we played at Sparta, that it was a decent visit, but played a league. We can not distinguish whether someone is young or not. ”

And so goals are still a huge Karvina problem. The coaches and players solve the end, they are filing the end. So far in vain.The Karvins have just four goals in six matches. Together with Brno they are the worst in the league.

Tomáš Rosický from Sparta is rejoicing from the goal against Karviná.

“It’s already…” Berkovec used a sharper look. “Four goals are scarce. We need to give them because otherwise we can not have points. We need to promote ourselves at home, but we can not even do it. ”

The Karvins on Saturday at 5 pm will host Sigma Olomouc. How can coach Weber be encouraged before the next match?

“We have to rely on the performance,” says Jozef Weber, who still does not want to panic. “But it’s about the heads. Players need to be calm. It’s a sport. I believe that a successful end will come back to us.We have footballers who are able to shoot goals, either Budínský or Kalabiška – and perhaps Wagner returns to the formation after the injury. The shooting potential in our team is. I believe that with Olomouc, but also with Brno we will succeed. ”

Last season Karviná scored 11 goals in the first six rounds, and the goalkeepers went up to two games in a row.

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