The Croatians destroyed the Greeks in the beginning of the barrage

Croatia’s high-prize decided in the first half, thanks to the penalty of Modric and goalkeeper Kalinic with Perišič won 3: 1, and as the second team in the barrage history managed to give in the opening act three goals. In front of him in 1997 he managed Yugoslavia in doubles with Hungary even twice.

Shortly after the break the Kramarič fourth goal and Croatia is on the best way to maintain a 100% success rate. From the playoffs he has already doubled at the World Championships (1998 and 2014) and twice at the European Championship (2004 and 2012).

Only Papasthopulos has won for Greece, which dropped to 1: 2 after a half hour.The match was also played without hosts, with the agreement of both unions, and the same action will be accompanied by a retaliation on Sunday in Athens.

“We wanted to attack the sides and it paid off. As well as a rather daring disposition with Modric in the front and the defenders who supported the attack, “said Zlatko Dalic, coach of Croatia. “But now we have to think of not underestimating the retaliation and coming to it as if the score was 0: 0,” he added.

Switzerland’s only goal scored 58 minutes in penalty Rodriguez. Northern Ireland, which ended in the qualifying group in front of the Czech team, may feel injured, as Romanian referee Hategan has very strictly judged playing Corry Evans’ hands.In addition, the Irish defender has received a yellow card and will be retaliated.

” It was a crucial moment of the match, “said Northern Ireland coach Michael O’Neill. “There was no obstacle in sight. Corry did not have a hand in an unnatural position, he had it with his body. Moreover, the ball hit him in the back rather than anywhere else.

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