The F1 race in Brazil was dominated by Vettel, Hamilton captured a fighter ride

Sebastian Vettel has won his 47th career victory. He was the last to rejoice at this year’s Grand Prix of Hungary in July, so he waited a long time for his circumstances. Thanks to the fifth season’s triumph, he secured second place in the World Championship. In front of Valtter Bottas of Mercedes, who did not hold pole position and finished second, the German pilot had 22 points before the last race of the year. Lewis Hamilton moved quickly to the 14th place after boxing. He helped him in the first round and the safety car. Though the Interlagos circuit in Brazil is not exactly the ideal spot for overtaking, it quickly progressed ahead and even led the tire to roll. In the 31st round after the stop, the leader of the trio Vettel, Bottas and Kimi Räikkönen in the depot moved to the first place.Then he had to go for the tires and enter the fifth bar in the second half of the race. The four-time champion, who secured this title two weeks ago in Mexico, made a new set of tires in the 43rd round. He then overtook Max Verstappen and six bikes before the target reached the top three. But he had too much rubber to overtake Ferrari. Kimi Räikkönen defended him, but the fourth is Hamilton for more than he expected.

The best drivers were singing at the samba rhythm on the podiums and answering questions from the moderator in front of the cheering crowd below. “I tapped well, got into the first place and then I just went full. I was a bit afraid during the safety car phase, but I did it.Even though I did not get the lead as I wanted, I was sure to head to the finish. ”

Vettel is convinced that the speed of Ferrari and Mercedes was balanced in Brazil. More accurate would be to say that the speed of Ferrari and Bottas. Hamilton was somewhere else. “We were pretty much on the Mercedes with speed. Valtteri approached for two seconds, but it was not the first time. I’m glad. ”

Bottas is aware of the fact that the pole position should not be the second. He did not like it on stage. “You do not want to be in an Italian sandwich, but it happened to me today. I am very disappointed in the result, I lost the lead right at the start and then I did not get a chance.Sebastian did not make a mistake and finished second. ”

The third Kimi Räikkönen was not happy with his technique in the race. Still, he kept the pair in control. “I did not have problems at the end of the race. I was a little drunk with the control of the car, the tires just slipped, so the fight was the whole race. But the fight with Lewis Hamilton was not as dramatic as it might seem from the outside. My car was strong on the straight out of the corner, so it was quite difficult to overtake. ”

Hamilton was not alone in Brazil by the tail of the field. Daniel Ricciardo, after penalizing, started in the race from the fourteenth place and, in addition, got a skid in the first round. He had to go for the new rubber in the boxes and the race for him started behind the safety car in the last place.In the end, Alonso and Pérez resisted the pressure, all three of them crossing the chessboard battalion within a single second. Forty-eight-year-old rider Williams has finished his last home race career because after the season, World Champion of Formula One leaves 2008. After the race, he even gave his fans a farewell to the winner with his son at the side. “I have tears on the edge. Thanks a lot for all the support and energy you gave me today. I’m delighted that I’ve squeaked out of the car, “he said. Rubens Barrichello, who ended in the Grand Prix in 2011, is symbolically next to him, but still remains a record-holder of Formula One. He has 326 races on the table. Last, one point for tenth, Brazil Nico Hülkenberg for the Renault team.This year’s Formula 1 Championship will close the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in fourteen days.

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