The Ostrava Foreign Legion is bothering the basketball elite

Ostrava coach Dušan Medvecký has clear why the team is the last one: “We foolishly lost several matches in which we should win. That’s the problem. ”

Ostrava has won only four times in the previous 19 rounds, the last five duels in the series have been lost. “We’ve got to break somewhere,” Medvecký said. “In Brno or at home with Jindřichův Hradec,” he mentioned the nearest two rivals at the end of the basic part, which Ostrava will finish on February 4 in Prague with USK.

Then the team will wait ten games in the superstructure of the teams on the 7th to 12th place. There, clubs will fight for two play-offs. Total on 9th to 12th.the place will collide with rescue, the last to fall into the barrage with the first league finalists.

“If the next two rounds do not come to win, we will continue to worry,” Medvecký guesses. “The fact that we play against strong opponents – like in Pardubice, where we lost two seconds before the end, is nice, but we need to defeat Ústí and similar opponents at home, from that we have to bounce.”

Medvecký is convinced that the current cadet is of sufficient quality after the arrival of the Malcolm Canady dealer. “I hope we will win in Brno and we will be back.”

Ostrava has currently three American players, next to Canade as well as Max Guercy and Jordan Riewer. “Riewer is more than two,” the coach said. “That’s why we have decided, after consulting the leadership, for Canada, which is a different type of player than Guercy.” Canada has yet to make a monthly test.

The club’s chief Ladislav Kudela admitted that they were interested, for example, who recently transferred to Prostějov due to economic problems in Svitavy. “But the amount we had to give him was terrible,” said Kudela.

Medvecký told fans that he would like ten Czechs in the team. “But they’re three times as expensive as Americans,” he said.

And why Ostrava does not succeed is according to Jan Koloničný’s pivot also in the fact that foreign reinforcements before the season arrived later than they should.They did not get so well prepared. “It’s always unheard of,” said Colonel. “It could help us, however, that we can really train when playing only once a week. Already against Nymburk, our game looked good. ”

The Vojtech Bratchenkov wrestler confirmed that the team is still unrelated. “Players are changing but I’m not saying it’s a management fault,” Bratchenkov said. “Unfortunately, it’s so good. But we definitely do not have the team to be the last. We do not always lend the balloon as we should, and then it’s hard.We will not win the games individually. ”

Bratchenkov is convinced that there is still enough time before the end of the season to improve and do not have to stop. “We do not bend the heads, we are not reconciled with the current location, we will fight to the last match.”

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