The Satoran effort. The Czech moments of winning were not enough

When Coach Brooks placed it on the bench seven minutes before the end, the Wizards had 94:81 over Portland , but the following section lost 11:27, so Satoransky has clearly the best + – (+16). His best teammate is Ian Mahinmi with +6, while star Bradley Beal is at -19.

Beal was the best Wizards shooter with 26 points and added seven assists, but in the end he missed four important missiles behind.

“I guess there was some goblin on the frame today, and the balloons going into it broke out. I’m taking it on my own, “Beal said.

Otto Porter Jr. has a record of 24 points and 10 rebounds, Kelly Oubre Jr.managed to score 13 points and the first time player Tim Frazier got to 11 points and two assists in 28 minutes.

The final pressure of the Portland tractors, Beal et al. did not resist. Damian Lillard managed 29 points, six rebounds and six assists, C.J. McCollum added 26 points and Jusuf Nurkich scored 17 points.

The seven-point loss in the last nine minutes is due mainly to McCollum with 13 points in this segment, from 99: 105 to 106: 105 he turned seven points in a row. “I had the confidence of the whole world,” McCollum said with a smile.

Pacers did not score 19 points from Myles Turner, 17 points and seven rebounds from Domantas Sabonis’s next pivot.Victor Oladipa, at the base five, represented Lance Stephenson with 16 points, eight rebounds and five assists.

Pelicans did not help 30 points and 15 rebounds of Anthony Davis, or 24 points of Jrue Holiday. DeMarcus Cousins ​​had only 15 points and seven rebounds, and he had six losses and worried about fouls.

Elfrid Payton led the Magic with 22 points, nine assists and eight rebounds, Aaron Gordon scored 16 points and nine assists, and Nikola Vučević mastered 14 points and 14 rebounds.

Kings pulled Buddy Hield 27 points (seven trikes of nine attempts), including eight points in a 10-point hunt for 95:95, but Griffin’s answer was not enough.

Charlotte – San Antonio 86: 106
Philadelphia – Orlando 130 : 111
Washington – Portland 105: 108 (d.Satoran 4 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists)
Atlanta – Toronto 78: 112
Sacramento – LA Clippers 95:97
Houston – New York 117: 102
Dallas – Oklahoma City 97:81
Golden State – New Orleans 110: 95
Utah – Milwaukee 121: 108
Indiana – Boston 98: 108

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