The shooting range is low in the county. And so hope Karas is also trained at home in the living room

Some flies fly at home. Karas diabolky. “That’s right,” confirmed the mother of successful shooter Jana Karasová. She added that most of it is over the winter and that her daughter shoots only from the air rifle.

“Daddy walked me ten meters from the bedroom window to a window in the living room,” Sara Karasova described. “And there was a diabolic catcher at the window…Well, my husband is the same madman in the shooting as Sarah,” said Mrs. Karas. “You’re watching TV and flying bloody flies around. Fortunately, you no longer have the strength, so they can not hurt. “Sarah admitted that she had just popped the window once. “That’s right after the target. I dragged the air rifle and she started.Luckily, the diabolics ended up in a wooden window frame, “she said.” They were trying to conceal their husbands, but they did not realize that the windows were mymy, “Jana Karas smiled.

– in-the-region-miss-modern-strelnice “> There is no modern shooting range in the region

The sporty shooter improves at home as there is a lack of shooting in the Moravian-Silesian region , so many of them in a state of emergency.

“In Poruba, Skalce is being shot by customs, police, prison services. The conditions for our training are getting worse, morning in the shooting range is almost in the mood, “said Květoslav Tomeček, Sářin coach from the Sports Shooting Club of Ostrava Police. “The police shooting range in Ostrava at Hulvácký Hill is in poor condition.It needs sixty-four million crowns to repair it. ”

The fact that there is not a proper shooting range in the region, however, also has its advantages according to Tomek. “Because Sarah has to go somewhere, she’s used to changing the environment, to another wind,” he said. “But it costs a lot of money again.” Sarah Karas praises that in four years she has moved tremendously forward. “At that time, she did so much work that some shooters would do in eight years,” Tomeček said. “Her dad is a hunter, so she probably sucks that relationship to the gun as a child. A talent like her is born…Every once in a while. ”

He recalled that when he started with it, it was a tiny bit. “She first got an air rifle and then stepped up to the lowball.” And she won two gold at the junior European championship in Baku this year – lying for 60 rounds in singles and with Nikola Foistová and Kateřina Kolaříková even in cooperatives.

“I call it a golden prologue, because this year she was able to defeat the women as well, and they were in their rankings.He runs in standard and in lying, “said Kvetoslav Tomeček, elite Sara’s discipline.

What is its exceptional? “He has a strong head and shoots very fast,” said the coach. “He is thoughtful and knows a lot about ballistics.” And he’s also very physically. He has to keep a mini-weight that weighs about six pounds. “Most shooters do not strengthen, but I do, and that helps me,” said Sara Karas. “If you want to achieve something, be better than others, you have to sacrifice something. It’s the same as any sport. I need to strengthen my body, stability. ”

Thanks to good condition, Sara Karas can shoot 60 wounds in twenty minutes.The limit is fifty minutes. “Speed ​​is a big advantage, because a weapon can break down, and when you shoot so-called graves at the last minute, you do not do anything wrong with it,” Tomeček added. “Sarah has a dynamic style and courage. I’m telling her a Shinan shinnen…”

That’s because Sarah is from Šenov near Ostrava. From there he wants to bounce back to Korea, where the junior world championship will be next year. And in 2020, the Tokyo Olympic Games must be fought for.

Has it? “She and her other shooters have been dropped.Ostrava is a small regional shooting center, but at the European championship in Baku there were ten out of ten representatives from here, “Květoslav Tomeček pointed out. “And Sara, Jiří Přívratský and Matěj Rampula, who is from Břidličná, have won four medals. But who knows what will be in three years. “

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