The war was a disaster, but we survived, depicts Ukrainian deputy Karpushin

She was born in Luhansk in the east of the country, and at sixteen she was given the chance to play in the best Ukrainian team of Chima. It was one hook, it was 900 kilometers away, so she had to stand up on her own feet quickly.

“My parents had the opportunity to see only once a year on summer holidays. I often cried my mother on the phone and told her I could not. She always had one answer for me: Can not you? So you pack things and come home! I never regretted it was always hard for me and for that I thank her now, “says Karpušinová on ore beginnings.

of fate finally met with the parents, but under dramatic circumstances.In the spring of 2014, pro-Russian riots broke out in the east of the country. “In my native Luhansku, my parents started to fight, and two months they lived with me in Odessa before the situation in the city became more tolerable,” he says. At the end of April 2014, a separate People’s Republic and to this day the country has not returned to its former state. “The situation in Ukraine is stabilized at this moment, if that’s what we can say. The war in Luhansk was a great disaster for our family, but we all survived, that’s the main thing. Still, I love Luhansk, I was born there, I grew up there and spent the first volleyball steps of my sporting life.I always like to go back there, “says Karpushin.

She spent two years in Chimika and she knew how a big club worked. “There was iron discipline in both the training and the hall door,” she remembers. Because she did not get much space in her youth, she went to Galician Ternopil and then to Estonian Tallinn. Another experience was decided by a 184 cm tall collector to collect in Šternberk.

“I’m still young and still want to learn and gain new experience. I was intrigued by the experience of experienced players with a very young team. The challenge in Šternberk is enticing me and my goal is for both parties to be satisfied.I believe the coach will help me, “he looks forward to working with Martin Hroch.

Meanwhile, she managed to play the opening quarterfinals of the Czech Cup against KP Brno in addition to the premiere with Frýdek-Místek, which lost Šternberk 0: 3. The next match is expected on Saturday (17.00) with Olympe. “The girls are great. Everyone is trying to help each other, a good team and a good training atmosphere. I believe victory will soon come, “says Karpushina.

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