There is Baroš’s third return to Ostrava. He brought personality to Baník

Even though Baroš did not leave Baník for the previous owner, he is back again. For at least a year. In Ostrava, where he went to Liverpool for a long career, he would now like to end his career. So last year? Leccos suggests his words: “With Baník I want to save, give some goal and enjoy the last year. In particular, we must be humble. ”

He is an important helper when the club returns to the league after an annual pause. “It’s an icon,” says midfielder Robert Hrubý. “It’s about training. Young boys are motivated to make even more effort and play with him.His arrival is a huge plus. ”

Attacker Tomas Poznar even has Baroš’s jersey with his signature at home. “The goalkeeper trainer, Víťa Baránek, got it to me, even when Milan was returning to Baník for the first time. I did not expect to ever play with him, “says Poznar. When Baroos entered the Ostrava team for the first time, Poznar was not nervous, but…” Several boys had to have chewing gum to keep their chin off. Milan has brought Banky’s character to that. ”

I Baroš perceived the shy young Ostrava girls:” It was not in Boleslav or Liberec. But that’s natural.When I was seventeen in the league cabin and there was Duge, “he turned to the current sports director of Baník Dušan Vrťa,” I also chanted him as an apparition. ”

Baroš is after the stop of Tomáš Zápotočný Pribram new captain. Whether he will be based in Brno today, but he is not sure. “It may be so,” Radim Kučera smiled, replacing the experienced Vlastimil Petržel on the coaching bench.

Healthy Baroos is all right. In the preparation due to knee problems he missed only five days. In the summer he commutes to Ostrava from his native Vigantic where his wife and children are on vacation. “Now he is training us all the time,” confirmed Kučera.

Being Baroš in Baník for the fourth time, he will not play domestic games for the first time in Bazal.At the legendary Ostrava stadium they do not have two seasons since they do not comply with the regulations. They are now at the Municipal Stadium in Ostrava-Vítkovice.

“It is football,” understands the situation Milan Baros, who has already moved to another stadium in Turkish Galatasaray. “But I’m glad Bazali is standing and serving for training. I hope there will be an academy that will raise other talents. “

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