Unibet.com offers a wide range of sport events with god odds. You can bet on sports like football, hockey, handball, tennis, basketball, cricket and more and more. Unibet has also very user-friendly website with good customer support, Unibet live bets, promo actions, history of your bets and more features. Deposits and withdrawals can be made by credit/debit card or bank transfer.

Bonus $100- Unibet Registration!
How to create an account at Unibet.com
Creating an account is easy. Just fill in a form (and follow instructions at each field), make a deposit and you can bet in few minutes. Please check whether all info about you is right to allow Unibet to open your account. Your registration will be confirmed via email which you enter in the form. Don´t forget your username and password and write down your member number, you will need it for communication with the office.

1) Up to $150 bonus to your first bet
Open an Unibet Romania account, make a deposit and get a bonus. Make a deposit at least $50 (bonus is $150 then) and you get 60 days to meet requirements of the Unibet bonus. Great opportunity to try free bets.
2) $20 for your first mobile bet
If you never tried a mobile bet, you have the great opportunity now. Bet at least $20 via your mobile phone and if you don´t win, you will be given back $20.

How to make a deposit
You can use these payment methods. In case you don´t understand, contact a customer support. Log in to your account, click My Account and then Deposit. A new window with all options and info will be shown. Visa and Mastercard provides immediate transfer, but with 2,5% fee. Deposits are available in range of 15 – 1400 AUD. Bank transfer lasts for 2-5 days, but has no fees or limits.
Paysafecard takes 3% of your money and you can deposit 17 – 1120 AUD. Ukash is the same, but limit is 22 -340 AUD
All transactions are secure. Minimum deposit is 5 AUD. This company is regularly checked by intependent auditor.

How to withdraw your money
Remember that bonus rules may not allow you to withdraw all amount on your account. Previously used methods will be shown automatically. In case of trouble contact Unibet support.
Visa: 3-10 days with 0% fee, 20 – 13 500 AUD
Bank transfer: 3-10 days, 0% fee, at least 21 AUD, no upper limit.

How to bet
Choose a sport in the left menu. Click on it or tick it and confirm. Now you can choose your bet by clicking on odd. You can also click on “+” to see other odds on this match. The bet will be shown left and you can choose how much you want to bet or add another bet. If you want to delete an event, use a thrash bin icon. You can contact customer support if you don´t understand something .

Choose how much you want to bet. Enter an amount for single, double, triple and other bets and click on “Bet” button. If you bet on three events, you can also bet a Trixie bet. Thath means you can bet a triple combination and all double combinations. The same is available for 4 events as a Yankee bet. In the moment you place your bet you will see all your bets and possible wins. If you agree with it, click on “Confirm bets.” If you want to make changes, click on “Back” button. Sometimes it may happen that your combination will not be accepted by the system. In such a moment you can:
a) place the bets which were accepted and send the others to Unibet for confirmation
b) only place the accepted bets and don´t send the others.
c) send your entire combination for confirmation
d) switch some combinations with a new bets.
In case you are decided, click on confirm.

Make your win safe
Unibet offers an unique service called Cash-In and get your win before the end of the event. See examples:
Example 1: You placed a bet 15 AUD at Barcelona´s win against Valencia with odd 2.10. At the beginning of the second half Barcelona scored a goal and leads 2:1, but Valencia seems to be strong and could win the match. You can use Cash-In and get 27 AUD immediately on your account.
Example 2: You placed a bet at Barcelona´s win with odd 2.10. At halftime, score is still 0:0 and odd for Barca´s win is 2.40. Players seems to be tired and they would hardly win. You don´t want to loose the entire bet, so you use Cash-In and get 9 AUD back.

LIVE bets
If you want to bet live, click on Live icon in left menu and a new window will open. Live betting is the fastest and most exciting type of bet where you need to decide quickly. Even the live betting supports Cash-In.

How it works?
During the football match you can bet 1×2, next corner kick, goal, first goal scorer in the second half etc. Offer differentiates sport by sport. Odds are changing as the game passes by, but your odd will remain at same level as it was when you placed a bet. Check our examples:
Example 1: There is 2.10 odd for Barcelona win against Valencia. You bet 60 AUD on Barcelona now, before the match begins, or wait how does the game go. Valencia scores at the beginning and odd for Barcelona is now 4.00. But if you still think that Barcelona can win, you bet 15 AUD with odd 4.00. Before the first half ends, score is 1-1 and odd is 2.25. In the second half Barcelona scores and odd is 1.16. Barcelona wins and you get 60 AUD
Example 2: Match Barcelona against Valencia. Odd for first corner kick is 1.85 for Barcelona and 1.95 for Valencia. The game just begand and you expect Valencia to have the first corner, so you bet 30 AUD. Valencia really takes a first corner so you immediately get your win.

Mobile betting
Bet easy on Champions League, Premier League, Serie A, Primera Division, hockey matches, golf, tennis or horse racing. If you want to sign up for mobile betting, log into your accout at Unibet and click on Mobile betting. Fill a form, chose your PIN and then everything is ready. We immediately send a bookmark on your phone and confirmation on your phone. Mobile betting is available for every phone, including those with WAP. Newer phones support the service. Search more on Unibet.com in upper right menu.

SuperScore is a special betting voucher with winning jackpot, where is money of all bettors and this bank is then shared by winners. It´s easy as nothing. Benefit from your knowledge, guess right result of every match. If you do it, you are winner. Search more about SuperScore at Unibet.com.

Other options – hints
Match to bet could be displayed several ways:
-sort by groups, types or search
-make your own list and have everything in one place. You can change your settings anytime.
Unibet offers a complete offer of internet entertainment. Everyone can betz on his favorite sport, play in casino, try poker and other games without need to leave Unibet website.



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