VIDEO: Mignolet drew two miraculous interventions, but the coach did not save

“I do not know if I have to say what Dushan has promised us to the board of directors of the club,” he said in a press release in September.

Dusan Salficky, a former favorite goalkeeper and now sports manager of the club, said a little unplanned ambition. conference Mayor Martin Charvát. “Just say it, pretty openly,” said Salficky, Charvát’s colleague from the town council and the YES candidates. “Okay, I’ll say. Dusan announced that we will be doing a medal this season, “he has fought fans.

It was still cheerful in the East of Bohemia. Pardubice has actually set a goal for the semifinals, but now they look like ridiculously similar.Dynamo has the same points as the last Karlovy Vary, with a small bonus to be a match for the good.

Only Zlin gave less goals than Pardubice, Východočesi additionally on Sunday in Olomouc fifth (out of seven games) gave a single goal.

“The problem is in the heads, the shooters are in every attack, unfortunately they are not pushing, they often try to walk individually instead of firing or throwing them for defense,” said unhappy coach, who appreciated the team at least for an improved fighting.

“We play stupid, so we got a fine, which belongs to it. It was supposed to kick us, wake or upset us.This was the only thing that the leadership could do, we just imagined it differently, “Petr Čáslava, captain of the team, said.

Players after the Friday home debacle with Vítkovice (1: 6) had interviews with the leadership cabin 300 thousand crowns. “We can not solve things like fines, we will not influence such steps. We have to concentrate mainly on hockey. The mood is not good, of course, but we still have to work and do not put up guns, “says the attacker Jan Kolář, who returned to the show.

What will be the next?

Pardubice bosses nothing changes, they want to take the next steps. Fans on the Internet express dissatisfaction and “recall” the Coach of the Juniors.He says he can not chase the team correctly.

Some supporters even consider boycotts of home matches, Bet365 words like “general strike”, which means that no one will come to the Pardubice Tipsport Arena. This is not very real, but the fact is that the traffic is gradually decreasing.

Traditional winning gourds have recently been flying on ice just mockingly in Olomouc. At the time of the Pardubice crisis, an invitation to the press conference of MasterCard and the ice hockey club HC Dynamo Pardubice is funny to introduce the news that will be held next Friday.

You can use the slogan of popular advertising: “Have a recipe to get out of poverty? Priceless.Everything else is MasterCard. ”

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