Vsetínská rošády does not end, team comeback suffers fluctuations of hockey players

Pear has returned to the parent club in the summer after 11 years. Why he ended prematurely, they do not want to ventilate Lapachi publicly. But it is certain that Pear has pissed off his superiors when he solicited the contract himself.

“We definitely did not plan. He was supposed to be a leader, but it did not happen, “said Daniel Tobola, the club’s spokesman for the Vsetín website.

That he immediately signed the contract in Zilina is another curiosity. Pear could stay in the Slovak extralies in the summer, preferring to choose Vsetin and to his step he said: “Eleven years ago, when I was in Skalica, I thought I would not go to Slovakia anymore.Last year I broke it and it was not the right move, “he said at the beginning of August. Roman Tomas also came from Vsetín to Žilina, who after his transfer from Znojmo managed to get only three starts in the jersey. . Together with Vítek Jonák, Vsetín left the original set of three invaders.

The move towards Lapač was even worse. Since the beginning of the season, Tomas has arrived six new players. The most important reason is to see the table – Vsetín is the penultimate after twenty rounds. “And the ones we were betting are not as good as they are,” Tesařík added another reason for the corrections.

Vsetín’s cadre turned into an unprecedented way after the WSM League. Twelve players disappeared, ten replaced them. But the desired effect did not bring it.

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