Washington played at six, defended us and coach, sued New York players

The former NBA player of the five NBA teams is also a youngster in sixty-five matches.Photographs where Lowe encourages his superiors in the most intricate positions from behind and sometimes inside the playing area can be traced back to a few.

After a Thursday’s 113: 110 victory in Washington, Madison Square Garden, New York on his unauthorized support, the NBA assistant.

Lowe assistant stood on the pitch as Carmela Anthony’s New York star shot at 112: 111 at the last minute, but did not get John Wall Walling in Washington for two points eventually turned out to be the last one in the game.

Sidney Lowe went on the last match of the game.

The Knicks needed a trophy, Courtney Lee got in a good position – but he’d rather beat Brandon Jennings.He did not want to fire Wall this afternoon.

After the game, Lee claimed Lowe was confused.

“I do not know if it was part of their tactics. I thought he was an opponent, because I was already on the missile and I saw someone beside me only peripherally. So I was putting on, driving and winning, “Lee says. “But I still had to shoot,” he regrets. “This is not done at any level,” Kyle O’Quinn, the pivot of the defeated, “was angry.” He kept coming and approaching when he was almost under the basket. O’Quinn overcame. “I hope some NBA leaders will talk to him.” Anthony complained: “(Their coach) stood in the playground. They were playing at six. ”

And looking for more words:” I have not seen this yet…I have not seen this before and especially in such a situation. A tight ending, a gradual attack, we’ve been trying to do something with the result, I’ve never seen this before. “Lee, who did not shoot because he doubted, is now asking for an investigation. “Somebody should look at it…When playing basketball, you have to rely on your instinct, and when you see or hear someone next to you, you react,” he tries to illuminate his look.

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