Wild summer is gone. Jánošík Vondrka arranged a dream start for Chomutov

He just gave the lecture in the summer because the club did not send him one payout or a play-off bonus in which the Pirates made it to the historic semifinals. Chomutov owed all the players, and so he had to commit his debts, otherwise he risked losing the extra-license license. “But we did not admit it,” said Charles Adamík, CEO.

The financial jockey team did not decompose. Rather, thanks to Vondrk, who was standing by his teammates, he became even more cemented. “The leadership kept what they promised, and everyone was calmed down,” Vondrik said. “I knew that handling would not affect us. I think boys were glad when I came back to the cabin. They threw it by the head and went to the same rails. ”

In the same semi-final rails.Notwithstanding the fact that Chicago has stolen the Rutt and Kämpf stars from the NHL Pirates. “We said we had to play as it ended last season. Obviously, from us simply, at least weakening, falling into the missiles, attacking the puck do not play, but mainly shoot, “the attacker named Roman Chlouba named the style coach Ruzicka.

Already before the season the coach advised the team and the fighting concept he owns: “We have to lower our ears and play the hockey we want to perform. If we do not get to four, we will not be strong and play, we can have problems. ”

So far, the Pirates have no trouble, along with Liberec they have scored at least 4 goals and dominate the power play.They overcome Olomouc and managed outdoors Boleslav and Pardubice.

“We have to keep emotions and get out of our heads that we can not lose. It can quickly turn around and we can lose one match after another. It is up to us to jump, “says Vondrka.

An example is the last match in the Pardubice arena. “From our side, a crazy match, holomajzna, not quite exciting. In some passages we played well, in others we were terrible. If the result was over, the game was not as good, “said a 35-year-old striker. Vondrka is a key man, he has his fingers in six out of ten Chomutov goals. Four of them prepared the teammates, two of them gave it himself.

“But without Laca goalkeeper we would have been nothing. This year, not last year.He has an incredible phason and is also a super kid in the cabin, “he praises the Slovak goalie. And not just his. He enjoys an elite line of laughs with Hummel and Tomica. “They were one of the reasons why I wanted to stay here. I understand the boys on ice and in my life, I would miss it. ”

No, Vondrka did not show the rapture of the testimony. They were much cleaner. “I’m such a Jánošík. I did the same thing in Slovan Bratislava, where it was my head. I gave the testimony not only for myself but for all the boys. ”

A good move, it shows up after a dream start.

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