Zachrla walks from Šlapanice to the final on the other end of the world

In the Bloomage Live Hi-Up shopping center, a supermodern complex in the western part of the Chinese capital, Humpolec team will play with a 3×3 smile that goes to the FIBA ​​World Tour final set for just a dozen best season releases.

And Zachrla together with Ondrej Dygren, Vojtěch Rudický and Jan Kratochvíl are the first Czechs to experience. The winning quartet will receive a remunerative prize of $ 40,000, and the fourth team will cost ten thousand.

“I am very glad that we were able to move to Beijing at all. Let’s enjoy it and make the most out of the group. With all the teams that are there, we have already played this season and we know well what they can do, “Zachrla says.

His team, according to the original 12.the position was to go to the group on the best world scenery of Novi Sad Al Wahda and another Serbian entity from Belgrade. Before the tournament, however, it was modified and Humpolec will be 11 again, which also means other opponents. These will be Serbian Liman and Latvian Riga.

“We were more than happy with the opponents we would go to as twelve, but not a man. If we want to make something, we need to beat anyone, even though we have not even beat Riga or Liman.But we want to move from the group and we want to win at least one match, because it is enough for the quarterfinals, “Zachrla said, even during the last season of the Czech Republic’s highest home competition in five-time basketball in Brno.

The fact that Humpolec is waiting for hard work is testified, among other things, by the fact that the Riga team in July controlled the 3×3 European Championship under the Latvian flag. “They are skillful, stubborn, and the ME has the luck of the lot that belongs to it. They have two players who know each other well, and then two fighters, “analyzes the leading Czech player with the sixth tournament. Liman is literally a nightmare for defenses. “It’s an assault team that will be very difficult to defend.If they fall like this, they can beat anybody and it will be hard to keep up with them, “says Zachrla to the set three.

Since the 3×3 season has ended more or less, and each of the Humpolce players works in another five team, it was not easy to get to the super tournament in Beijing. “We have had a few training sessions in the Czech Republic and we are waiting for the next Thursday and Friday at the tournament venue,” Zachrla reported today.

In Beijing, temperatures between 13 and 16 are reported for the weekend and to the capital of China and acceptable air pollution.But this should not have been a big part of the World Tour, because the tournament should take place within the complex of the shopping center. Roman Zachrla had to prepare himself for the career as well because the physical difficulty of the matches is enormous at the top level. in the second highest basketball competition he plays with Šlapanice, he does not have many training sessions over the week. “I have to keep myself alone. There’s plenty of work to do, and there’s usually not ten of us, so we’re three to three. ”

And that’s good for Beijing.

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