Zdráhalová has an excellent personal record, Sáblíková fought the Netherlands

In other international ISU races in German Inzell, Nikola Zdrahalova improved the 3000 meters track record for a personal record of almost three seconds to 4: 07.63.

, with whom he can attack the top ten in some World Cup races.

“Zufrieden,” said coach Petr Novák in the language of the country where the race took place. Satisfied. It was supposed to be why.

“Nikola already suggested in the training she would be quick. I just did not know how to deal with the pressure. She was nervous about starting a pair with the Netherlands Carien Kleibeuker, the Olympic medal candidate.

Before the start of the coach, the charge was calming: “Hey, try it and go.You can fly 4:08. ”

In the opening four rounds, Zdrahalova even defeated Kleibeuker. “The Dutch coach chased me like a fool,” Novak said. “Suddenly, there is another Czech woman who can run their top racers.”

The Dutch was the end of the time at 4: 05.90. For Zdrahalova the performance was 4: 07,63 in the excellently occupied race 7th place. His personal record to date from the Kangnung Olympic World Cup in February surpassed 2.83 seconds.

“It was a little overwhelmed by the beginning. But perhaps this year, she may have to hit the troika around 4:05, “said Novak.

Zdrahalova started the World Cup in the B-Division last season.The coach expects to be in the middle of a new cup in the elite A-Division for the twenty best women. And it does not have to end it. “Even the top ten can be realistic for her,” says Novák.

The winner in Inzell became Irene Schouten from the Netherlands at 4: 02,76.The Olympic champion at this distance Ireen Wüst finished at 4: 03,90 3rd.

The 3000 meters world leader continues to dominate 4: 01,80 from the previous week Martina Married Leenstra (1: 56,67) – Ireen Wüstová (1: 56,78).

Martina Sáblíková

“The duel of the two Netherlands in the same race was for life and death,” said Novak. “Especially after Leenstra is married to Italy and trains there with Italy, it’s a huge prestige among her and Wüst’s question.” Sáblíková fell slightly behind her own performance 1: 57.24 from last week, with which is the sixth in the world tables of the season at 1500 meters. The top performances of the Salt Lake City high altitude track have been led by the stellar American duo Heather Bergsm-Richardson (1: 54,70) – Brittany Bowe (1:56, 51).

“In Inzell, we did not have ice as fast as the races a week ago, when the pressure was lower, with ice always a little faster,” Novak said. “Martina, moreover, runs fifteen hundreds, with both hands on his back.This time you tried it with one, but it is not very good. But he really has time for the Dutch. He can fight with the Olympic Medal in Korea for fifteen hundreds in Korea. ”

Even at that distance, Coach Zdrahalova was pleased. It also improved the personal record to 1500 meters, 16 chips to 1: 58.81. In the race she took the 6th place, after it was finished from leading speed skaters such as Nizozemka Jolingová, Polka Zlotkowska and Bachleda, Russia Skokovová and Němka Pechsteinová.

Sáblíková has improved over the past week for a change in 500 meters – at 40.53. Los had her curiously attributed her on this track to a ride for the opponent, Zdrahalova, who led the first hundred. “But then Niki squirmed, started to waving her hands and fell.Martina had a peripheral view of what was happening to her and she did not look like it twice, “the coach said.

She had a distance of 1,000 meters, where the 1: 18,44 performance was 2,88 seconds behind the winning Leenstra.

Among the other enthusiasts of Novák in Inzell, he was only 14 years old junior Lukáš Steklý , who improved the personal record of 2: 04,12 for 1500 meters. With such a performance, C1 is the second in the world with Korea Seong Hyeon Park

The search for the third woman to the fighter team with whom Novak wants to qualify as the eight selected for games in Korea.

“I sat down with the girls and talked for an hour,” he said. “It is necessary that Naty (Kerschbaummayr) dropped a few pounds.Elišce Dřímalová already managed to get down three kilos and now a person 2:03 has gone to fifteen. But I need some of them to manage fifteen under 2:02 on European railroads. Then we can think boldly about the fighter at the Olympics. In any case, it is positive that in the current form Niki can pull Martin in the fighter one or two rounds. “

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